Toyota Land Cruiser 200 


Poleless wing awnings and the 200 Series Toyota

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Up Bracket on 200 Rhino rack Note Wind F

Click on the button above to view our fitting instructions for a poleless wing awning to a Rhino or ARB rack on the  200 series. There is not enough space between the opening tailgate wind fairing and the roof racks to  Install a poleless 270 Awning to this vehicle. With 'modifications' to some of the poleless awnings in the market,  they can be made to fit in the gap between the opened rear door and the racks. We explain how it is done in instructions above.  Alternatively, if you wish to install a poleless awning - we manufacture a specific roof rack to solve this problem. See it here. 

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Bush Company XT Awning:

A beautifully made awning with fast set up and very solid.  Not a Great choice for the LC200 - because the last pivoting arm finishes on the low side - striking the Wind fairing of the open door very early. 


Mounting the awning onto the 200 should be avoided unless your OK with mounting it up and above the wind fairing. Typically with most production Racks - they will need to be modified to be moved forward or custom mounting holes drilled into the awning to get it tight up to the rear face of the rack. 


On the vehicles we've done it on - We mounted the Awning brackets on top of the rack for extra Height and Room..  Customers fitting this awning up over their rack or tall people (at 6"6 or taller see no disadvantage in the height increase anyway :) - The Awning is finished with Velcro around the edges for attachment of optional walls. (No Zippers). 

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Ostrich Wing Awning:

If your after a quality awning for your 200  - Our Favorite here in Victorian Conditions is the Ostrich. Its the original 270 degree poleless Awning with 30 Odd years experience at just this one item. It Now comes in Black Bag / Grey canvas as well as the traditional Khaki. The Ostrich is the preferred Wing awning for the 200 as its last swinging arm finishes on the high side of its hinge - giving it the best clearance over the Lc200 Wind fairing without putting the awning itself to high to reach for set up. 


The Ostrich features a 100% canvas construction and trussed arms in aluminium keep it light and strong. It takes 4 panels via huge zippers to all sides, and can be used as a wind shelter with its (Optional) wall kit being a heavy duty effective shelter... 

Finished Fitting Ostrich to Rhino Trades

All awnings pictured here are fitted to the rack using Tough Touring UP mount brackets.  Our Latest cuts of the Up Mounts are Slotted to fit directly to Rhino Pioneer rack and ARB Base racks with Factory T-BOLTS using the racks slots... Minimal drilling and fixing is required - in most cases its a bolt on kit.

When Fitting most quality Aluminium Roof Top tents to the LC 200 - The Best position to mount your awning is the side of the Tent. 

See our 'Awning to Tent' Brackets here -