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Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 

The Disco 3 has a 7 foot deep cargo area - most people can lay out comfortably in the back. It has a higher than usual roof and an enormous cargo hold. Its seriously comfortable in the rough stuff and tows well too... Great trucks. 

Some confusion exists around the roof strength as it has a factory 70kg roof load rating, Having worked installing roof racks on 100's of 4wd Vehicles, the Disco has probably got the strongest roof I've seen with 4 x M10 Bolt mounts each side - Air bag ACE and Levelling control aid body roll and huge front discs are a big step up from the majority of touring 4wd. 

Tough Touring have designing the Lowest, Lightest and Strongest roof rack on the market for the Land Rover Disco 3 and The Disco 4.


See it here -"Tough Touring Discovery 3 and 4 roof rack" - available now as a Roof Top tent rack and also a platform rack -  

Fitting a Pole Less Wing awning to a Disco

If you're wanting to fit  poleless awnings to your existing roof rack without a tent:

The Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 are quite unique as their air suspension can lower them under car parks etc - so we have manufactured Disco specific  Awning to rack brackets to sit low on this vehicle.  These brackets also allow fitment of Most quality 270 Degree Swing out South African poleless awnings to common platform and basket touring racks like the Rhino Pioneer, Front runner slimline 2 and ARB base. We also do UP Mount bracket kit for taller customers - as well as specific Basket rack brackets for those types of racks. All the Bold Underlined names of the brackets are links to the store page where you can get more detail on these bracket kits should you wish to. 

If You want to fit a Pole Less awning to your rack and your running an ABS/ Plastic or Fibreglass Tent

- this is called "Independent awning and Tent to rack installation" and more information on this can be found here -  in particular watch the video on the page. 

Roof Ratings and The Land Rover Discovery

The 70Kg 'Dynamic' Load rating stated by Land Rover causes a lot of questions here. The Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 is a 'roof rail' type mount system, Common to most modern vehicles, Land Rover has done it there way increasing the mounting bolts to M10 insteal of the usual M8 Present in Nissan and Toyota. Its a Much stronger set up - I have written my own opinions on this and why here.

RPS 1000.jpg

Installing a Dual Battery System in a Disco


Reverting your Discovery back to a 7 seat around Town vehicle, or Reverting it to standard when its time to sell is an important consideration with the D4. Its an Expensive vehicle.


So we Like to build  Dual battery systems into the D4 Portable ' - More on these Renewable / Portable systems  here 

There is Usefull space under the Flush Folding  rear passenger seats also for a pretty decent custom Lithium Battery system if you prefer built in systems and want to burn some money... It can get expensive. to chase big 240v power and do it right.. ..

Disco 3 and 4 rack.jpg
Nice Land Rover Disco 3 set up and capable.jpg

Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Disco 3 & 4?


Favorite Hardshell Rooftop tents  for the Discovery 3 and 4 - Based on Comfort / storage and Use.

Rear Bar.jpg
Add a rear bar with Dual Jerry can holders, Spare Tyre and Chainsaw mount to keep all the Dirty Gear out of the truck. 
Land Rover Discovery 4 with Bundutop King Ostrich wing on Tough Touring Rack.jpg
White Land Rover Discovery 4 shown with Standard Air Bag suspension and 18" Stock rims. The vehicle is fitted with a Tough Touring Disco3 and4 low profile Rack, along with a BUndutop King RTT and Ostrich wing awning. 
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