Awning Upgrades - Conqueror Trailers 

Ostrich wing awning on drivers side of UEV 490 -A 20 second set up and 25 second pack up. By far the fastest awning available and a good wall kit make it a winner for the driver's side only.

Tough Touring poleless awning brackets for UEV 490 pictured while fitting.

Recommended poleless wing awning options for UEV 490

Ostrich 270 wing awnings can be fitted on the drivers side, Darche Eclipse 270 Awning on the passenger side. This awning runs forward flush with the front bed - covering the kitchen and then wrapping around the back of the trailer, providing enourmous shade area and fast to set up and pack up.

To Install - strength of the mounts is paramount. We designed a bracket system (pictured above) that is rigid, fits up the awning to the 45 angled roof area, doesn't interfere with anything, and can be adjusted using a turnbuckle to ensure the awning sits perfectly level with the trailer.


The Bracket system consists of 12 parts and takes a full day's work  to install. You will need a nutsert tool - 10.5mm drill bit and drill. All other hardware are provided in the kit.

The Conqueror UEV 440 Awning is easy to set up and pack up and is very well built. We highly recommend this awning for the 440. 

UEV 440/490 Pole Less Awning bracket Kit . Accepts Conq Awning on the 440, Darche Eclipse 270, Ostrich wing, Bush Company xt MAX 
Rivett On bracket shown below.


UEV 440/490 Awning Mounting Bracket


We have also manufactured a new Awning mounting bracket for the UEV 440/490 that rivets on (negating the need for Nutsert tools).


See image below. If you are ordering this bracket please specify the awning type/brand that your fitting and that you want the "Rivett on" bracket type. Shear strength remains the same. 

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