Awning Upgrades - Conqueror Trailers 

Conqueror UEV 490 with Awning Conversion
UEV 440 and 490 Upgraded awning brackets

Ostrich wing awning on drivers side of UEV 490 -A 20 second set up and 25 second pack up. By far the fastest awning available and a good wall kit make it a winner. ONLY SUIABLE FOR THE DRIVERS SIDE SWINGING AROUND THE REAR ON THE UEV 490 .

Tough Touring pole less awning brackets for UEV 490 pictured while fitting.  270 Degree Single PIVOT point awnings can be mounted straight to these brackets, while double end Swing out awnings of all types need the awnings back plate to be 2.95m to reach the available mount points on the trailers roof.

If your Mounting Shorter awnings that are double swing/ hinged both ends like the Bush Company 180/270 or the Bush Co 180/180 etc - YOU MUST RUN AN ADDITIONAL 2.95m MOUNTING PLATE BETWEEN OUR BRACKETS to span the distance, and then mount your awning to that Back plate.

Recommended poleless wing awning options for UEV 490

UEV 440 and UEV 490 Trailers cannot run wrap around awnings over the Bed at the front as the bed pitch is higher than the awnings swing out arms...

Some awnings recently produced run at 180 degrees along the passenger side edge of the trailer - seemingly these will suit, covering the kitchen area and not fouling on the pitch on the front bed, however they are all too short to fit up readiy to the side of the trailer, as it requires the ridgid mounting brackets we make to be installed at either end of the trailers body - at 2.95m apart  - ( The Bush Co xt Max, Darche 270 among others )All fall short of the length back plate required.

WHile the Bundutec 360 and Bundutec 'L' awnings do come in a 2.95m backplate varient - These awesome awnings were designed for cars (Owner present) rather than a 'Leave up' at base camp and are very lightly built. 

Be aware that if your going to fit These Large Lightweight awnings to trailers you need to ensure that they are not deployed in wind or left unattended or wind damage is inevitable. 

To Fit any of these awnings to any Conqueror trailer,


If your running a Single Pivot point awning - Our brackets can be fitted with triangulation point at one end only - Meaning that shorter length back plate awnings like the Ostrich wing 270 can be fitted without the additional 295m Back plate being required. 



Supa Peg 180 awning on the Kitchen side is a slow to set up awning but can be left up in poor weather. It covers the kitchen area pretty well but doesn't really have a wall kit at the time of writing.

We still rate it to be the best all rounder for kitchen side of the UEV 490.


Ostrich 270 wing awnings can be fitted on the drivers side with really good results... The Wall kit option adds a BIG space for change room, toilet, shower, GEar etc for longer camping periods, while the awning can go up for quick shade in under 20 seconds and away again in 25.

To sucessfully run any Pole less wing awning - Its all about stiffness of the mount - Tough Touring brackets provide the required strength you need, and also the turnbuckle design means the mount angle can be adjusted  to ensure the awning sits perfectly level with the trailer after compensation for suspension sag etc. 


The Bracket system consists of 12 parts and takes a full day's work  to install. You will need a nutsert tool - 10.5mm drill bit and drill. Do not attempt this install if you don't know anything about rivnuts. 

UEV 440/490 Poleless Awning bracket Kit

Accepts Conqueror Awning on the 440, Darche Eclipse 270, Ostrich wing,
Bush Company XT Max 

Rivett on bracket shown below.


440 490 UEV bracket.jpg

The Conqueror UEV 440 GENUINE FACTORY STEEL TRUSSED Awning is Unreal - Its 88kgs, strong as an ox and  is easy to set up and pack up and is very well built. We highly recommend this awning for the 440.