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Range Rover Sport

About: The Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport (Especially Pre 2010) were released with smaller disk brakes than later models, allowing fitment of 17" Rims and good quality off road tyres.  These Early Sport models have become affordable, economical, reliable and comfortable. Econony figures of 15L Per 100km off road in rough slow terrain are incredible. It seems INSANE that these vehicles are not the ones enjoying the 4wd Hype for the regular off road enthusiast.  Range rover sport runs the same suspension and driveline as their much heavier Disco  3 and 4 counterparts, both considered excellent offroad performers. Add more power and less weight and superieor interior comforts and suspension and you have the Range rover sport. Enough said. (Yes I bought one). 

The ONLY downside to the rangie sport is its considerably shallow cargo area - its swept roof line is short and leaves less space in the boot for gear. Rear Spare wheel carriers add important load carrying space, while adding a second tank where the factory spare is kept can give the rangie  a range of about 1800km offroad.

Awnings: Range Rover Sport

If you are wanting to fit poleless awnings to your existing roof rack without a tent:


Ostrich Wing Awning now makes shorter awnings.
At 2.2m in length it works well with the Rangie's shorter roofline. It would have to be the best match we've seen for this vehicle.

With a low mount rack fitted and air suspension on Highway setting you get 185cm under the Ostrich when its set up. If you are taller than that - air suspension can be modified to be left at crawling height giving you up to 194cm under the awning. We have manufactured Rangie specific  Awning to rack brackets to sit low on this vehicle.  These brackets also allow fitment of most quality South African poleless awnings to common platform and basket touring racks like the Rhino Pioneer, Front runner Slimline 2 and ARB base.

Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for the Range Rover Sport 

The Range Rover SPort features a cavity for roof rail or  track mount rail to rack system, however it does not usually readily have fitting bolt holes inserted... (This has to be done carefully as air bags reside just under the hardened roof skin).  The 70Kg manufacturer's roof load limit for warranty purposes seems pretty conservative considering the structure evident on this truck. IT is one of the strongest built vehicles we've ever worked on. 


Typical production racks fitted are very narrow - and not designed for off road use. They Tent to be designed around carrying snow skis or a golf bag. 

Owning one of these vehicles myself, I have spent a lot of time and money designing a rooftop tent and awning mounting platform for this vehicle.

Wind noise and roof racks


The Range Rover Sport is a quiet vehicle on the road, and this will present its challenges when you start messing with it for off road capability. Wind noise as well as tyre noise can affect noice levels a fair bit, and roof racks with East-west bars, in particular, can be noisy at highway speeds. 


Our Tent to vehicle kits are designed to get your rooftop tent mounted lowest, strongest on the market, maintaining your vehicles on and off road manners as much as possible... and we think we've nailed it with pretty minimal noise!

Range rover sport with Ostrich wing fitted to Bundutop tent on Tough Touring Rack.jpg
Range Rover Sport with Tough Touring Rack and Bundutop tent installed.jpg
Ostrich Junior.jpg
Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Rangie Sport? 

Hardshell Rooftop tents we recommend/support

for the Range Rover Sport: 

Tough Touring has manufactured tent to vehicle and awning to rack kits specifically designed for the Range Rover Sport to provide the ideal foundations for rooftop tents and poleless awnings.​


The Lowest and strongest on the market

  • Low wind noise

  • Lightest on the market that can carry 200kg in off road environment - just 25kg whole rack​

  • Tough Touring roof racks are compatible with our cradle system which allows some rooftop tents to be easily removed without tools​ (just 4 bolts on the outside of the rack)

  • Can be used as a normal roof rack when tent is lifted off

  • Can run Awnings independently off the rack without the tent present. 

Range Rover Sport Tough Touring Roof top tent roof rack INstalled.jpg
Ostrich wing Junior Being Fitted to Rangie.jpg
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