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Australia's largest range of top quality rooftop tents and poleless awnings

At Tough Touring -  We test and supply only the world's best rooftop tents and awnings. We offer a fully customized fitting service in our Braeside workshop in Melbourne, and we manufacture over 75 specialist components for the fitting of rooftop tents and poleless wing awnings right here in Victoria.  

Our range of hardshell rooftop tents includes the following brands:


Please note in addition to the brands above, we also have other models that we purchase and test for ourselves. There is no best setup - just the right one for the type of touring you're doing, and we can certainly advise you with that.

We manufacture our own fitting components:

As professional vehicle fitters, over time we have had to make a lot of custom components to fit up the gear we carry, and that customization has carried through to the present where we now manufacture our own Australian-made fitting components. At present we make:

When you're out on the road:

We work with many suppliers and workshops, so if you're in a remote location, we can point you in the right direction to receive the service and support you might require when on the road.

Stock updates:
10 May 2021

Ostrich Wing Awnings

  • 20+ In Stock. 

The Bush Company 

  • Delta: 0 In Stock - 
    No Display model

  • Alpha:  2 Available 

  • XT Awning: 0 Available


Eezi-Awn RTT

  • 0 Stealth In stock,
    1 Second Hand stealth available 

  • Blade SOLD OUT

  • 2 Dart in stock


Bundutop Standard:

  • 4 black and grey - 1 black and green canvas in Stock
    1 on display

Bundutop KING:

  • 1  in Stock


Boss Aluminium Tents:

  • Overlanders: 2 New stock in late June Taking orders on these now

  • Base Model: Nil in stock 1 on Display, 6 more on their way Mid August


Brackets and racks:

  • Most of our Tough Touring bracket systems are in stock and Shipping Daily.

  • Roof racks  available for Pro Fitters only -  120/150 Prado, 200 Series, 105 Series, Disco 3 and 4.

  • Dual Cab Stage 1 and 2 Over Cab Racks complete and out on General Release. 

  • Troopy brackets testing complete. Laser cutting Complete Powdercoating now,

  • Deliveries Slowed with VIC COVID Lockdowns (again!) Powder coaters and onsite welders shut down with restrictions. All Schedules typically back three weeks Again... ARRRRRRRGGGGG.

Tough Touring Roof racks:

It is impossible to mount touring gear without a strong/solid base.  Were now manufacturing low profile racks designed to accept roof top tents...
More information on our Roof rack page can be found  here.

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