Nissan Y 62

About: the Nissan Y62

The Nissan Y62 has one of the widest roofs out of all the modern 4WDs - making it possible to fit the largest of tents. The vehicle in the short video  is fitted with a Bush Company Alpha Tent, (2.4m x 1450) while the Gunmetal Grey one Pictured Below is carrying a King Bundutop - ( 1600mm wide and 2100mm long ) - Both Tents are  300mm Thick and IMO look totally fine on the big Nissan so long as they are mounted low.

Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Nissan Y62?

The streamlined shape of the vehicle would suit pretty much any hard shell tent, Camp King, Alpha, The Bush Company Black series, Stealth, Blade, and Even the Bundutep Bundutop KING or Standard Size...  all look good.

Roof racks: what's the best roof rack set up for the Nissan Y62?

The Y 62 Patrol has roof rail mounting bolts already flush-mounted in its roof. Its Inherent Rail mounting points work perfectly well with our " Stage 3 Universal Roof rack 2300mm" - The rack is purpose built to suit Quality Roof top tents (Hardshell ) and up to 10 Planks can be run to use the rack as a super low/tough touring rack when the tent is lifted off. Some Pictures of the Racks with tent fitted below. (White Y62 - Tent is a Bush company DX27)

We presently Stock Roof rack slats for the y62 in various sizes - The Y62 Roof is really wide - The standard Plank width is 1450mm wide... However we also build planks out to 1600mm for this vehicle to suit wider tents such as the Bundutop KING and The James Baroud Evolution XXL

Awnings: what's the best awning for the Nissan Y62?

We like the Ostrich wing awning - Its last pole finishes on the UP side of the Awnings Hinge point, giving it elevation over the rear spoiler. The Awning is a large / quality / strong unit and suits the y62' size well... More on the Ostrich here "Ostrich wing awning" - The Boss BA 270 is also a favorite - a slightly smaller footprint - the BA270 Ooozes quality with a super High quality finish. More on this one here "Boss BA270 Wing awning" 

Y62 Patrol with Rhino Rack and Bundutop
Universal WAGON rack TT on y62.jpg
Patrol y62 Rack and Bush Co tent fitted.jpg