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Nissan Y62

The Nissan Y62 has one of the widest roofs out of all the modern 4WDs - making it possible to fit the largest of tents. The vehicle in the short video  is fitted with a Bush Company Alpha Tent, (2.4m x 1450) while the Gunmetal Grey one Pictured Below is carrying a King Bundutop - ( 1600mm wide and 2100mm long ) - The White one below also runs a Bundutop KING size tent. Both Tents are  300mm Thick and IMO look totally fine on the big Nissan so long as they are mounted low.

What's the best rooftop tent for the Nissan Y62?

The Wider - Squarer shape of the y62 really suits hard shell tent installation,  The newly arriving Tuff Trek Mk3 Fits the Off road Touring requirements best overall with the right mix of load carrying ability, low profile and quality build,  


Others worth a mention (TOP 3) Would have to be   the Bundutec Bundutop KING and the The BOSS RTT1 
There are of course many RTT that suit the y62 well, the above three are clear leaders in their fields - (Load carrying/Tuff Trek) (Comfort cross Load carrying - BOSS RT1). (Straight lift comfort and Easiest Set up - BUNDUTEC).

TENT ACCESS: Access from the rear of the vehicle is made challenging by the enormous wind fairing. (Ladders can't be fixed here) So check that the tent you choose has easy side access. Double skinned canvas tents can have up to 3 sets of zippers to get through to open them.. (Be warned). 

WEIGHT: The y62 only runs three mount points each side, putting it in the same category as a Prado 150 for Load limits. We'd advise lighter tents that double as 'Dirty storage for wood etc' for the y62. (Tuff Trek Mk3 wins this by a mile).

STORAGE: Storage inside the y62 is really limited for such a large vehicle. Tents that can carry extra mattresses , chairs and bedding start to look like the best option when touring with 2 kids, 2 adults. Like Other Popular Family touring vehicles  (Toyota 200 series, Prado 150) - Our thoughts on the best tents and why is shared also amongst the y62, LC200 on this. Check out more on this here 


The Tuff Trek Mk3 RTT can be fitted with out roof rack cross bars, using these low profile foot rails - saving height money and weight.

What's the best roof rack to carry Roof top tents on the Nissan Y62?

The Y62 Patrol has 3 Pairs of M8 roof rail mounting bolts already flush-mounted in its roof. We Manufacture a rack specifically for people wanting to run roof top tents right here in our workshop. The 'Tough Touring Nissan y62 Outfold Roof Rails RACK" -  is unique - Its rail feet fold outwards specifically suit Quality Roof top tents (Hardshell ) and up to 7 Top Hat Bar Planks can be run to use the rack as a super strong yet lightweight Rack when the tent is lifted off. The Rack also is shortented almost a foot at the rear to allow Pole less wing awnings to cover the rear door crack when deployed. The Forward positioning of the rack (And thus load) also matches the Y62's balanced centre point, minimising body roll and maintaining the best handling achievable on and off road. More on these racks here 

I Big Plus for - Customers using our Tough Touring Racks on the y62 is the ability to revert the truck back to 'Town mode ' Quickly... You can remove the roof tent with the planks still attached to the tent - leaving nothing but the roof rails on the car - This allows the vehicle to be restored to factory ride height for garaging and zero windage for high speed highway driving.


Some Pictures of the Racks with tent fitted below. (There are 2 x White Y62 in the Pictures - one is installed with a KING size Bundutec Bundutop, the other with -    a Bush company DX27)

What's the best awning for the Nissan Y62?

We like the Ostrich wing awning - Its last pole finishes on the UP side of the Awnings Hinge point, giving it elevation over the rear spoiler. The Awning is a large / quality / strong unit and suits the y62' size well... More on the Ostrich here "Ostrich wing awning" - The Boss BA 270 is also a favorite - a slightly smaller footprint - the BA270 Ooozes quality with a super High quality finish. More on this one here "Boss BA270 Wing awning" 

Vehicle Below and Beside is fitted with King Bundutop and Boss BA 270 Awning... Fitted with tough touring Roof top tent  roof rack for y62 .. 1550mm Planks. 

y62 King Bundut and Our rack.jpg
Y62 Patrol with Rhino Rack and Bundutop
Universal WAGON rack TT on y62.jpg
Patrol y62 Rack and Bush Co tent fitted.jpg
Tough Touring y62 Roof rack.jpg
Bundutec on 62.jpg
King Bundu y62.jpg

Renewable Power and Dual Battery Systems in the Nissan y62

Tough Touring Builds Slide in - Renewable Power Stations (RPS) to power all your 12 Volt Fridges, Lights, and Compressorts right up to powering  caravans and Camper Trailers with Australian Compliant 240Volt 15Amp Shorepower. 
Using your vehicle as a Generator. 

We've gone down the path of building the DC DC chargers, Solar Regulators and LifePo4 Batteries into removable cases for multi purpose use - and to allow rapid and hassle free installation and movement between vehicles . 
More on these here -'  Portable Power '

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