Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Dual cabs have limited roof rack options, having only 4 rack mount points built into the vehicle standard. Many owners will have nutsert inserts added to their roof to extend the load-carrying capacity out to match that of other dual cabs in the market. 

We have experimented with counter-lever rack design - taking the short mounting points out to a respectable 1600mm by constructing a 4 bar counter-levered rack as per pics below. 

While this is our testing prototype, we are confident that this design could also work well for other dual cab vehicles in the future. Our test pilot has taken on many of victoria's roughest tracks and so far reported zero issues with rack set up and strength. We have also developed a "Stage 3" over cab rack kit to suit the Nissan - It's a super strong, low profile design that allows max strength and a usable rack when the tent is lifted off... More on the Stage 3 Over Cab tent mounting racks here - "Stage 3 Racks" and more on Stage 2 Cantilever racks here - "Stage 2"

Nissan Navara Mounted with Bundutop over
Extended Counterlevered roof bars design
Counterleveraged twin roof bar set up on
Nissan Navlife Navara with Bundutop and

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" As far as Pole Less awnings go - You can't go past the Ostrich wing - 270... The one fitted in the pictures swings out and partially covers the tub canopy, keeping it cool and out of the sun, using less power to run fridge and giving decent poor weather shelter in rain. "