Tough Touring Bundutop Brackets

Tough Touring manufactured brackets will provide a stiff rigid mount point for poleless awnings for Bundutec Rooftop tents.

The Awning to Tent Kit includes the following items:

  • Corner mounting plate each end

  • Hook Bracket

  • Tough Touring Logo plate

  • Rivetts

  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and required hardware

The brackets come in a black powder coated finish and are manufactured in Australia using 3mm plate mild steel. (Some corner pieces are 4mm where required). The weight of the bracket kits varies on application with the lightest being 4kg, the heaviest being 5.5kg.


For more information on fitting these brackets - We use You Tube videos similar to the examples beside here to give you a run through the process. Please visit the Tough Touring YouTube channel for all our videos on installation. 

Trade Bracket Kit by Tough Touring.jpg

Awning to Tent Bracket Kits: $300 Plus Freight

TT Bundutop "Up" Bracket

If your installing a 30 Second awning, Bundutec 360 or 270 awning, Darche Eclipse 270/180 awning - These awnings all have very high back plates and require the Spacing block pictured below left (Aluminium billet) - You will see that the base Tough Touring bracket does not overlap the top half of the tent - Thus the spacing block needs to be used if your installing any of the chinese wing awnings (Or the Bundutop ones)

Ostrich wing awnings do not need spacers as they have already got them in their kit. 

SPACER BLOCKS - ALUMINIUM BILLET - $60 a pair.(needed for 30 Second awn, Darche, Bundutop awnings) 

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