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Tough Touring Awning to Bundutop Tent Brackets

Tough Touring Awning to Bundutop Tent brackets come in  3 Variations and are able to carry every known pole less wing awning with incredible strength and rididity (Even forward and rear folding 180/270 like the Bush company XTMax, forward and rear 270 and rear 270 like the Bundutec 360, and all known rear 270 like the QuickPitch 270, Alucab 270 ,Bushwakka 270/180, howling moon, Darche and Ostrich Wing).

Kit Variations:

1. Ostrich Wing Awning to Bundutop tent (No Spacing required) Suite Integration option available - The Simplest installation - SUITABLE ONLY FOR OSTRICH FULL SIZE 270 Wing Awning.

2. MID mount UNIVERSAL Awnings to Bundutop Tent (This bracket kit has additional folds in the brackets to space the awning out and away from the tent - eliminating the need for awning spacers.  The Kit supports All known Awning bolt patterns and can be optioned to include our Bundutec Suite and Annex  Integration brackets set also... This Bracket set also suits short awnings with mounts at 1940mm spacing

3. Up Mount UNIVERSAL Awnings to Bundutop Tent (Same as Mid Mount Universal Awnings above in all regards but they put the awning 60mm Higher.)

Both Variations of Awning to Bundutop Tent Kits  include the following items:

  • Front and Rear TWin PLATE awning mounts 

  • Hook Bracket and Support plate (2 Pieces) - Not sent with Orders to suit The Bush company awnings as they can't use the hook. 

  • Tough Touring Logo plate (1 Piece)

  • Sealed Rivetts and positioning tec screws

  • Suite integration option (OPTIONAL If chosen) adds a further front Corner plate and rear folded plate + additional Rivets and bolts to allow suite to bolt onto the TT brackets and the Annex Spring steel poles to pass through the bracket system. 

The brackets come in a black powder coated finish and are manufactured in Australia using 3mm plate mild steel.  The weight of the bracket kit is approx 5kg


For more information on fitting these brackets - we use YouTube videos similar to the examples beside here to give you a run through the process. Please visit the Tough Touring YouTube channel for all our videos on installation. 

Tough Touring brackets for Bundutop Hard Shell Rooftop tents

Darche awning to Bundutop shown below..  for these awning and others shorter than 2.45m long you would use 'Universal Awning to tent brackets'...

Tough Touring Brackets fitting Darche Aw
Correct FIT UP of the Ostrich wing to Bundutop tent Brackets shown below .
Note that the Tent to Awning FACE plates have small stiffening triangles that need to be orientated to sit at the BOTTOM edge of the tent when fitting them. 

OSTRICH Awning to Bundutop Tent Bracket Kits

MID MOUNT Universal Awning to Bundutop Tent Bracket Kits

UP MOUNT Universal Awning to Bundutop Tent Bracket Kits

 Awning to Bundutop tent bracket installation instructions Video Below.
SUITE and ANNEX installed.jpg
Tough Touring brackets Shown above with the Tough Touring Suite Integration kit fitted
How to install an Ostrich poleless wing awning
Tough Touring Suite brackets 2.jpg
Awning to tent Rear Pass Side.jpg
Awning to bundut unnamed.jpg
Tough Touring Hook Bracket is now adjustable, and allows awnings to swing out and secure into the hook without the strap. Added Room, Annex and Suite Products all now integrate seamlessly and can be optioned into your order online on our webstore
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