Volkswagen Amarok

The Amarok is a great touring vehicle - however it has a short tray space. Like all Dual Cab Utes - It performs a lot better with roof loads positioned between the wheels rather than behind them.

Tough Touring now manufactures an Over Cab tent to vehicle rack for the Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab.

Features include:

  • Lowest roof profile in the market

  • It is seriously strong

  • Allows tent to be mounted over the Dual Cab

  • Easily removable.

  • Can be fitted yourself

  • Supports almost all roof top tents including softshell and hard shell tents up to 2.3m long

Dual-cab  varieties of the Amarok have only 4 M6 Bolts factory fitted into the cab to support roof racks.

The load rating is unknown, but in standard set up it would not be much. 


To make the roof strong enough to fit a decent rack or rooftop tent, our kit can be fitted to increase the cab capacity to well over 100kgs. The kit increases the bolts to 4 m8 bolts each side, under roof lining retaining plates are added for strength as well as large Tough Touring twist-preventing plates on the roof. The rack base also cantilevers in the event of vehicle flex to avoid loading up any of the M12 bolts.

The rack system is removable via 4 m12 bolts - allowing for your rooftop set-up to be taken off and stored via a ceiling hoist when not in use. Visit our shop page for details.

Roof foot-rail systems by Front Runner, Rhino Backbone or ARB can also be common choices of racks  fitted to Amarok Dual Cabs. We recommend that you check your rooftop tent's specifications for overhanging on smaller racks, as well as roofrack load limits specified by the rack manufacturers before fitting up your tent over the cab without additional strengthening. ​

Poleless wing awnings:

The Amarok does not suit fitment of standalone poleless wing awnings easily. This is because:

  • The Rear tub does not have any fixing points

  • The front over cab does not have any fixing points that are long enough even with a roof rack. 

Maximum unsupported lengths on the majority of pole less wing awnings would be around 600mm. With the majority of them being 2.2 - 2.5m Long - the front cab does not offer enough space between the roof rack bars to mount a poleless awning, nor do most canopies at around 1500mm long on this vehicle... 

The vehicle is also too low for swing out awnings to clear over the head of average height passengers. 

If you vehicle is running oversized tyres, lift, and is fitted with a rooftop tent and or one of our racks - It is a different story and poleless wing awnings can be fitted. 


Check out all the products we have to customise your vehicle set up.

  • Over Cab mount: maximum vehicle stability on this vehicle. Moving roof loads forward also has major ease of use benefits.

  • To access the tent: it is great if you can leave some tray open - allowing a step up into the tent and negating the need for ladders. 

  • Awnings mounted to the tent give correct height without need for additional awning mounts to racks

  • 4WD climbing and body-roll is minimised

  • Lowest possible weight / cost / profile overall.

If you are setting up a new vehicle:

Please don't buy anything before you visit. Plan your fit up. Consult. Get an overall picture of the finished vehicle before you start. Talk to experts that build and install (not one brand).


Fitting poleless awnings or tents to most of the popular brands of racks is not really going to work -when you try to fit an awning and lots of mods means lots of time/money and just more broken gear. 

We have fitted hundreds and Hundreds of poleless awnings of all types, and even with over 150 custom pre-cut brackets in stock here ready to go. It is presently the norm that we customise and rebuild almost every awning before we can fit it to a vehicle. 


We have just completed building our own full ground up vehicle to awning and vehicle to tent mounting racks that are cheaper, stronger and completely tailored to touring and city use.

For us, being asked to Install 120kg of touring gear onto your truck is no different to asking a builder to build your house on plastic imported foundations.

Heavy Duty 200Kgs Roof rack on Amarok by