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Volkswagen Amarok

Amarok RACK with Bush Co Tent6.jpg

The Amarok as a touring vehicle -
The Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cabs offer cruising off road comfort for 4 with a handy short tray space. Like all Dual Cab Utes - Volkswagen Amarok performs a lot better with roof loads positioned between the wheels rather than behind them. 

The Best HardShell Roof top tents for the Amarok and Why

1. Bundutec Bundutop:

The Bundutop offers 4-way airflow, ease of use (set up and pack up at push of a button) privacy, skirt protection from moisture on walls. At 2.1m long its well suited to the available rack space limitations of the Amarok.

Its our first choice predominatly because of its enormous internal  space achieved by its STraight Lift design at only 76Kgs 

The Square sides are perfect for mounting recovery gear, shovels axles and Pole Less awnings using our Awning to tent brackets...

On the Downsides - The Bundutop requires at least a 1300mm wide rack...  you'll need  the Dual cab roof to be strenthened to run any roof top teht -  We spent a lot of time getting this right on the Amarok -  check out our custom designed Tough Touring Amarok Roof top tent rack here

For Further Information about what to look out for on your own vehicle to ensure an Over cab Rack can be fitted - (And what to do next) - See more on this here - "Dual Cab Roof Cavities and fitting information"

For Longer roof top tents - or any Roof top Tent installation with less than a 1700mm roof rack footprint -  Its necessary to start supporting one end of the roof tent with Flexing Roof rack mounts - more on this here 

A Close second place top Quality Roof Top Tent on the List are:

Tuff Trek Mk3 (Load Bearing and Low profile)  , The Bush Company DX27, (Also Load bearing) - these two would probably be in first place if you need to carry gear on the roof top tent. 

Amarok RACK with Bush Co Tent5.jpg
Amarok RACK with Bush Co Tent4.jpg
Amarok Back.jpg
Bundutop King Fitted to Volkswagon Amaro

The Challengest of the Amarok if you are setting up a new Amarok for Touring 

Fitting poleless awnings or tents to most of the popular brands of racks is not  going to work over the Cab or Canopy of the Amarok - As Both The cab and the canopy are too short to support either tent or awning readily without strengthening the mounting points.


There are only 4 x M6  Existing front Roof rack mounts from factory, they need to be  strengthened to accept any more than 50kgs, OVer the rear, adding typical touring Loads to the canopy will be detrimental to the vehicles handling and stability. 

If your going to Fit a roof top tent to the Amarok, the best plan is to stengthen the front roof rack mounts - and install a roof rack over the cab to fit the tent too. The sides of the tent (If you choose the right tent) are the perfect place to then fit your pole less awnings . 


  • Over Cab mounting your roof tent will minimise vehicle stability issues on this vehicle. it also allows you to step up onto the tailgate and then a shorter step up again into the tent. 

  • To be able to access the tent from the tray is great  negating the need for ladders. 

  • Awnings mounted to the tent give correct height without need for additional awning mounts to racks

  • 4WD climbing and body-roll is minimised

  • Lowest possible weight / cost / profile overall.

Tough Touring Hard Shell Roof top tent Roof racks for the Amarok

Tough Touring now manufactures an Over Cab tent to vehicle rack for the Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab.

Features include:

  • Lowest roof profile in the market

  • It is seriously strong

  • Allows tent to be mounted over the Dual Cab

  • Easily removable.

  • Can be fitted yourself

  • Supports almost all roof top tents including softshell and hard shell tents up to 2.3m long

Dual-cab  varieties of the Amarok have only 4 M6 Bolts factory fitted into the cab to support roof racks.

See our Dual Cab Over cab Roof racks here 

Pole Less Wing Awnings and the Amarok - LIMITED CHOICES!

Ostrich Wing is about to release a Purpose built lightweight Awning for Amarok dual cabs called the OSTRICH JUNIOR.. Its just 18kgs and 2.2m long, making it possible to fit up to the Rock without major rack or tub modifications - 

Why Can't I run Any of the other Poleless wing awnings on the Amarok ? 

The Amarok does not suit fitment of MOST standalone poleless wing awnings easily. This is because:

  • The Rear tub does not have any fixing points - If you have hoop bars fitted - They will be only 1600mm apart - Not far enough apart to carry a 2.6m pole less backplate. 

  • Typical Over Cab Roof racks are only about 1200mm long on the Amarok... Too Short. 

  • The Amarok is also too low for swing out awnings to clear over the head of average height passengers. 

"If you vehicle is running oversized tyres, lift, and is fitted with a rooftop tent and or one of our racks - It is a different story and poleless wing awnings can be fitted - But you will be needing a stronger / larger rack and some mods to the Cabin roof to carry that rack ! "

Dual Battery Systems in the Amarok

A thing of the past. ? 

The Amarok rear Tub has no hidden cavities large enough to hide 12 Volt chargers, Batteries or inverters, (if your running a canopy this doesn't matter, ) but either way we designed a Portable, self contained Renewabe Power station range  to give touring Dual Cab Utes real world power that they can take out again when they get home. See more information on our RPS systems here  - They are true game changers in the touring community. 

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