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Airbag Conversion Kits

Tough Touring Australia got its start in business as a Conqueror dealership in Victoria.


We quickly realised that these machines could have their road manners improved dramatically - so we started working on developing suspension improvements to suit both on and off-road use. 

The obvious choice was air suspension.

We identified a couple of good points and a couple of shortfalls with the stock suspension set up:

  • It was too high to easily get in and out of - especially for our children.

  • When stop-start touring, it was rare that we could source flat level ground, and ramping one wheel each day to level up daily was a pain (lots of fighting with the wife!)

Levelling up could be easier

  • When loaded for extended travel - most of the weight tended to be on the passenger side, causing the trailer tends to 'lean' left - This was further exasperated by the rolled camber added on most roads here in Australia to aid in water runoff.

  • All Conquerors we've seen suffer from a bad squeaking noise when moving about in the trailer - see the "Conqueror UEV 490 Squeaky A-arms repair page for more on this.' 

  • While high clearance is a must off-road, its the complete reverse from what you want on a highway. 

  • The existing A-Arm structure was tough / had enormous travel and was easy enough to build a retro-fitted air system without making any major modifications... so the work began.

Boss Air Suspension Australia came on board to partner and engineer our kits here in Australia ... The airbag upgrade was a GO! 

Our airbag Kits are now fitted to at least  50 Conqueror UEV 490 and 440 are running about in Australia. To date, after 6 years of these kits running now - we have had several failures with punctures reported - all have been attributed to incorrect installations. Be sure to install the bags correctly (They must be installed Vertically ) The Kits have been built to allow the seating blocks to be cut down to correct any incorrect angles in the existing trailer suspension componentry.. (Read instructions below for more details). 

Tough Touring Stage 1 Airbag Kits:

The facts

  • Kits come pre-assembled, remove your springs and insert bags with the assembled key in blocks already fitted - Check that they sit square. If they dont - remove and grind down blocks to correct angle. 

  • Once the Air Bag kits are installed, they are totally Removable on the side of the road without specialist tools or equipment - If you carry a spare one or a spring, Any bag can be swapped out in an emergency using a high lift jack or thick tree branch as lever and 17mm spanner (No other tools required)

  • Airbags allow lowering of the trailer for garaging (150 - 200mm)

  • Both sides can be run at different pressures to ensure a level ride

  • Can lower ride height for high speed/highway driving

  • Have higher load rating are heavier duty than standard springs. (1500kg each bag at 160PSI max operating pressure). We run them at about 90PSI for a great ride and stiffer handling

  • Level up at camp in seconds. Inflate via 4x4 compressor (not included). Deflate without tools.

  • Both on and off-road tow/driving performance are dramatically improved. Much less body roll and much better terrain impact absorption. 

  • Airbags are 'LOAD FRIENDLY' rather than 'ROAD FRIENDLY' - and have a very low failure rate.

UEV 490 with airbag1.jpg
Air Bag Kit.jpeg
Tough Touring UEV 490 Air Bag Kit Stage
Weight: 8 kg
600mm x 400mm x 200mm

Weight: 15kg
650mmx 200mm x 200mm

Stage 2 Air Kit - Manifold, Compressor,

Tough Touring Stage 2 Airbag Kit

This kit is not required for most installs, but if you wish to have levelling/raising and lowering at the push of a button, along with LED pressure gauges, onboard air tank and compressor - Stage 2 does all of that. 

This kit takes air suspension comfort to yet another level. Installation of the kit is straightforward but it is quite time consuming, there are a lot of lines to run, electrical to run and space is difficult to work in. We installed this one into the rear driver's side lower storage box.

Internally, The LED gauge can be ideally mounted on the right side of the bench/doorway which also houses the control panel, allowing levelling from inside or outside easily. 

Tyre inflation point was later also added along with a tyre gauge and airline in the rear box. 

Stage 2 Air bag LED cabin display and co
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