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A-Arm Axle Kit

At the time of writing (May 2020) Conqueror has yet to produce a serviceable/greaseable A-Arm system on its trailers. It is not alone, with the majority of trailer manufacturers also using a similar design consisting of a high-density poly bush design to facilitate A-Arm axle movement through its radius.  

Problems with these systems can arise overtime when the axles themselves swell or rust - 'jamming' inside the poly bushes and exerting tremendous load on the structures supporting the A-Arm itself. We have seen chassis components 8mm thick 'tear' from the chassis structure. This is more likely in vehicles that have seen use in corrosive environments. 

A-Arms are 'jamming' on their pivot bushes when you notice the squeaking noise coming from under the trailer. Efforts to lubricate the bushes are largely impossible without removing the arms altogether. (A horrid 2-day job). In completing this servicing ourselves, we decided to build new, stronger and totally serviceable axles to make sure we never had to do the job twice … See the image below left showing our A-Arm Axle next to the standard version … Ours is the one on the right :)

The replacement Axle features grease nipples on each end, the centre of the axle being cored out to allow lubrication to flow into the poly bush/axle contact point.  We have found that trailer models tend to have vastly different alignment and fixing systems - at present we manufacture and stock a large variety of laser cut keyways/bushes/and oversized spacers/washers to fit the variations in these trailers.

Weight:  5.5kg
500mm x 200mm x 100mm

Tough Touring A Arm Axles next to stock
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