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Conqueror UEV 490 Servicable A Arm Axle KIT

SKU: 364215376135199

End the Squeaks and squeals coming from underneath your Conqueror UEV 440 or UEV 490 Camper trailer by installing quality A Arm Axles. Our A arm Axles are cored and fitted with grease nipples - allowing grease to be applied to the seated Poly bushes. The kit includes 2 A Arm Axles, 4 Poly Bushes, Assorted washers and spacers as well as spare Key in alignment components for pre 2013 models, 

We have put together a You Tube Video of "how to wheel align a UEV 490" which will assist owners of newer models. 

The installation of the Kit is a big job. Allow 2-3 full days . You will need oversized jack stands, usual tools and Spanners, Reciprocating saw and assorted drilling tools. A Conical Bur Grinder is recommended also in some cases. (Almost all Conqueror models vary). 


    Kit Includes: 

    2 A Arm Replacement axles. 


    Assorted washers and Nuts (All that you will require)

    Grease Nipples

    4 Poly Bushes

    4 Oversized 26mm Nuts (Nyloc)

    2 Laser cut Key in spacers (only required on Pre 2013 models). 


    Returns not accepted. If you think you can't fit this - You probably can't... its a really big job and buying parts only is not for you ! 


    Shipping is quoted for your location. Weight of the Kit is approximatly 10kg and postage to rural areas and other states rarely exceeds $50.