Toyota Hilux 

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Hilux with Black bundution and Ostrich w
Close up of oversized foot rails for Ama

About the Hilux - Setting it up with Roof top tents - Our Tips.


Dual-cab  varieties of the Mighty Hilux can be set up to run a  rooftop tents over the cab using our Tough Touring Stage 1 or 2 Roof tent mounting kits.

We Like mounting over the cab - because -

* maximum vehicle stability can be maintained, 
* walk up tray and into tent...  get rid of ladders.

* minimise body roll / maintaining the vehicles 4wd capability - especially when climbing steep terrain.  

Roof racks by Front runner, Rhino rack or ARB can also be common choices of racks we see fitted to Hilux Dual Cabs - We'd reccommend that you Check your chosen rack and roof top tents specifications for weight ratings and especially be care full of narrower width racks with regard to  overhanging the sides of the tent... Many tents require the rack to be at least the width of the tent. (1350w or greater). Most common racks are not wide enough to accommodate any RTT.

Tough Touring now manufactures an Over Cab tent to vehicle rack for the Hilux Dual Cab

  • Lowest in the market

  • Its bloody strong

  • Allows tent to be mounted over the dual cab

  • Easily Removable.

  • Can be fitted yourself

  • Supports almost all rooftop tents including softshell and hardshell tents up to 2.3m long

Toyota Hilux images below. Shown with Over Cab tent installations using Tough Touring Stage 2 Over cab roof mounting hardware. (White Hilux) and Stage 1 Over cab Rack (Black Hilux)  (Note the 6mm oversized roof rack blocks bolted into the roof on the stage 2 rack for added strength)

Toyota Hilux Over cab rack tent mounting

For information on mounting these tents to your vehicles cab roof - see or go to our Dual Cab Over cab mounting page

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Over Cab rack by T
Tent to canopy installation Bush Company

"While over canopy Rtt installation is a common choice of many customers fitting Roof tents - It does not do the vehicles stabilty  any good to have all the 'up high' weight positioned behind the back wheels. " Accessing the tent is also more difficult with it being necessary to turn around on the ladder to descent from the tent.