Toyota Hilux 

Dual-cab and single-cab varieties support rooftop tents well via mounting on the rear or over-cab. If mounting over the cab - maximum vehicle stability can be maintained, as well as excellent walk up ease of use. To access the tent - it's great if you can leave some tray open - allowing a step up into the tent and negating the need for ladders. 

The Hilux Over cab mount of all rooftop tents works the best in regard to minimising body roll and maintaining the vehicles 4wd capability - especially when climbing steep terrain. 

Roof rail systems by Front runner, Rhino Backbone or ARB can be fitted on the cab - three steel or aluminium bars then fitted to give the tent its mounting base. 

We will overhang tents up to 1m over the rear canopy - using a non-fixed rubberised supporting beam on longer overhangs to support the tents when they are accommodated - but still allowing vehicle flex.

The Hilux with Trade canopy is a really popular touring vehicle and fitting does require heights of canopies and any racks to be spot on - please check in with us on planning your build - especially on dual cab vehicles! 

For information on mounting this tent to your vehicle - see 'tent to vehicle kits' or go to our vehicles fitted page

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