Toyota Hilux 

About: The Hilux

The Hilux Single Cab is a super economical , affordable vehicle - It can carry a decent load too without fuss... While the Dual cab varieties can take 4 persons away and still carry plenty of touring gear in the rear - Issues with handling are present as soon as you overload the vehicle behind the rear axle. 

For fitting up touring gear like tents and Pole less awnings the flex in the chassis gives you Just 1650mm and over tray and just 1250mm over the cab to fix a rack - Not a long enough footprint to hang 2.4m Awnings off -  So we built a stronger, lower and longer over cab rack for the hilux designed to carry a roof top tent forward to balance the vehicles load. 

Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Hilux?

While an over canopy rooftop tent installation is a common choice of many customers fitting roof tents - It does not do the vehicle's stabilty any good to have all the 'up high' weight positioned behind the back wheels.


Accessing the tent is also more difficult with it being necessary to turn around on the ladder to decend down from the tent. 

We Like the Bundutop RTT the most for the Hilux  as its a shorter footprint and lighter weight overall than the competition - (76kgs and just 2100mm long) - The Eezi Awn dart shares a similar footpring and is the Lightest tent on the market at Just 60Kgs Mattress in... It is also a good choice but internal space in the Dart is minute next to the Bundutop due to its Clam/45degree angle design. (Probably only half the internal space and difficult to sleep in if your over 5'8)

Awnings: Poleless 270 Wing Awnings and the Hilux

Almost all Pole Less wing awnings need at Least 1800mm between their two mount points to fit them. We like the Ostrich 270 the best all round for Victorian weather - However you will need to mount this awning to the Root top tent for the Height you need, as well as the wide fitting points. If your trying to fix a 270 awning to the canopy - the available space is just 1650mm - so you will need to fit a smaller awning. There is a new offering coming out that is just 2.2m long and 18kgs - 'Ostrich Junior" - designed specifically for Dual cab canopy fitment. You would be wise to look to awnings under 2.2m long on the back plate on the Hilux. Avoid forward folding awnings too as they can be up over 40Kgs. (Unless your also building a rack that can handle that kind of load and twist forces in wind). We do now make a Bracket system that spans the articulating cab/tray for the Hilux - You need the Over Cab Roof Rack and the Canopy to be the same height and same width for this to be fitted - It allows longer full size awnings to be fitted to the hilux with maximum stability. See more on our 3 point bracket system here - 3 point brackets

Hilux with Black bundution and Ostrich w
Hilux with ostrich in Grey.jpg
Toyota Hilux Over cab rack tent mounting
Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for the Hilux

Dual-cab  varieties of the Mighty Hilux can be set up to run a rooftop tents over the cab using our Tough Touring Stage 2 or stage 3 Roof tent mounting kits.

We Like mounting over the cab because:

  • Maximum vehicle stability can be maintained, 

  • Walk up tray and into tent - get rid of ladders.

  • Minimise body roll / maintaining the vehicles 4wd capability - especially when climbing steep terrain or skidding along high speed dirt roads.


Hilux Dual Cab over cab Rack by Tough Touring - Copy.jpg

Tough Touring now manufactures an Over Cab tent to vehicle rack for the Hilux Dual Cab: OUr Stage 3 Kit is shown above on the Black Hilux just before we put a Roof top tent on it. 

The Tough Touring Over cab Rack is:

  • Lowest in the market

  • Its bloody strong

  • Allows tent to be mounted over the dual cab

  • Your Tent remains easily removable with all fixing bolts accessable from beside the vehicle.

  • Can be fitted yourself

  • Supports almost all rooftop tents including softshell and hardshell tents up to 2.3m long (Even Flush mount tents like the James Baroud - however a variation kit is also required to make flush mount tents bolt off easily)

Box 2.jpg

Tough Touring Builds a Portable Power Pack for Tub Tray Canopies


Shown Beside - The Portable Power Pack Punches out 700w of constant load power at 240Volts - As well as running numerous 12 volt gear like fridges and Compressors - taking in charge from Inbuilt DC DC charger and Solar Regulators to keep you powered right through weeks of touring.


The Pack is  water resistant and Easy to move beteen vehicles, making your tub tray or canopy a full blown power station when in camping mode, when back at work - slide out the power system and its back to open to use with tools and equipment like the day you bought it. More on these here 

Hilux with Bundutop tent fitted by Tough Touring.jpg