Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon

About: The Pajero

The Pajero has a tough heritage as a serious Off road vehicle, with a great length wheelbase and durable drivetrain - The Paj is a great buy too with second hand vehicles selling for a song. In its 4 door configuration it fits in alongside the rest of the 4wd Wagons in our category of 'Roof rail type' rack mounting. THe Paj swing out Barn doors are great for Pole less wing awnngs - with no obstructions in the way. The Cargo area is fairly respectable too - with plenty of room in the back for carrying gear. On the Roof - we can fit up our Stage 3 roof rail rack - which will allow you to carry 150Kgs ontop in offroad touring conditions.

Pajero with Bundutop Mounted by Tough Touring.jpg
Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for the Pajero?

We have fitted the mighty Pajero with many popular rooftop tents including the Bundutop and Eezi-Awn Blade, In the past, the issue was always around the common production roof rack options being too weak or too narrow for rooftop tents.

Tough Touring now manufactures a rooftop tent mounting platform for The Pajero and the Triton, Our Stage 3 Rack is well suited to most touring applications up to around 150Kgs offroad.

The largest tent we've  installed is a Bundutop King, the largest tent on the market at present (1600mm wide.) While it looks big - IT IS! The roof space will accommodate typical sizes of all models of roof tents very well due to its square wide roof shape. 

Awnings: and the Pajero

The Rear Barn door means that LHS or Passenger side wing awnings must be fitted to use the rear space - the Bonus being that the door offers some shelter from the wind while open. 

While we like the Ostrich wing the best at present, pretty much any wing awning should go well with the Paj.

The Standard rack mounts need to come off - Get a solid low mount roof rack if your going Awning standalone (No tent) - The Front runner Slimline 2 (We are no longer suppliers) is well suited to the Paj as its easily fitted up with all their awesome accessories... 

Pajero Fitted with Bundutop tent.jpg

Off Grid Power : and the Mitsi Pajero


Tough Touring Builds Slide in - Portable Power Packs (PPP) to suit off grid power supply for 12 Volt Fridges, Lights, and Compressorts right up to mid range light agricultural power supplies for caravans / sheds and emergency household power... We've gone down the path of building the DC DC chargers, Solar Regulators and LifePo4 Batteries into removable cases for multi purpose use - and to allow rapid and hassle free installation. More on these here -'  Portable Power '


The 12 Volt / 100Amp Lifepo4 model in particular takes advantage of the deep cargo space on the Pajero, A popular option for those wanting  DC DC,  Solar Chargers and Inverters to be installed behind 45l Engel fridge, Keeping Touring equipment powered up without sacrificing usefull cargo space. The PPP overcomes the issue of complex electrical installations taking away the versatility with 7 seaters, Allowing the Touring equipment to be removed easily when not  in use and revert the vehicle to 'Town" mode.

Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for the Pajero

Our rack for the Pajero can carry a Roof top tent, solar panel and Poleless wing awning... They are custom designed and available in any width up to 1600mm wide - and are manufactured here in Victoria Australia. We use the same rack rail system on the Pajero as we do on the Prado 120 wagon... Its strong, Low  and well tested. 

Mitsubishi Paj with Bundutec bundutop fi
Bundutop tent Darche 270 awning tough to
Ostrich wing awning fitted to Kings Hard Shell Tent on Mitusubishi Pajero.jpg
12 Volt only power box 1.jpg