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Land Rover Discovery 3 offroad touring

 Tough Touring - 1/58 Tarnard Drive Braeside, Victoria 3195.
Phone: 0408 390 078


Tough Touring
Aussie Made
Displays are outside on our own vehicles. Open 9am - 4pm (Mon-Fri) Saturday by appointment

Tough Touring is a manufacturer and a wholesaler of Australian Made Roof racks, Awning Brackets and Battery Cases to Enhance 4wd Vehicles and customer comfort with the goal of Longer term  off road remote touring. We do a lot of work with Dual Battery Systems, Fitting and Mounting Pole Less wing awnings and a wide variety of the worlds best Roof top tents. 

You are welcome to speak with us for help setting you your vehicle or to check things out..

Tough touring builds the worlds lowest and strongest RTT roof racks. custom-designed low profile racks to mount your touring gear low and strong. Designed to accept the Vast majority of rooftop tents.  

roof top tent roof racks, lower, stronger, slimline

Tough Touring Rack on Prado 150 and Drifta tent.jpg

Awning fitting to Roof racks,  Roof top tents, pop top and campers

Front 3 ponit_edited.jpg

Dual Battery Systems Discussed

RPS installed in Canopy.jpg

Vehicles Upgraded to long term Tourers

Patriot Rack 1.jpg

Tough Touring is a  Manufacturer of over 120 types of Awning to vehicle Brackets /  40 types of ToughTouring Roof Racks and Also a Growing selecton of Pre - Formed Dual Battery Cases. Our Products are designed to  minimise 1 off Fabrication time for  Professional Vehicle Fitters that have been engaged  to convert and Upgrade Cars, trucks, 4wd, Camper Trailers caravans and Vans into up off-grid touring vehicles.... We build many fitting components for, poleless wing awnings and hardshell rooftop tents.

Our racks and brackets have been designed by over 7 yeasrs of testing using the following brands:

80 series Rack.jpg

Company updates:

Tuff Trek Mk 3 Roof Top tents have now landed and one on display - were excited...


Ostrich Wing Awnings:

All Colors Available -   Grey/Black Bag in stock now.

James Baroud Evolution - Discontinued

Eezi-Awn RTT:

Stealth: Discontinued due to ongoing QC Issues

Blade: 2 in stock - Good Tent tents

Dart: Discontinued - Hinge Issue QC Problems.

Bundutec Bundutop Straight lift - 

2 king size Bundutec tents in stock... 

5 Standard Size Bundutec Bundutops in Stock - 

Continued Impovements in these tents have us over the moon... 

Bundutop Supa King - R&D on American Trucks suitability for walk up and in via Trapdoor. 

Boss Aluminium Tents:

Overlanders:  No display - None In stock - Taking Orders on new Gen Now

Brackets and racks:
Camper van hybrid awning brackets now Installing


Buswakka MEG - no stock available -Bundutec 360 Awnings have been pre-ordered for all Hybrids longer than 2.5m as best/only option at present Bundutec 360's in and4.3m Lengths  in stock for Hybrids.

Conqueror UEV 490 Awning brackets in General Release

- Reccommending Supa Peg Sheild 6 awnings for these campers. Awesome result. 

Troopie Brackets
 (Suit pop tops and run independent to roof rack)

Defender 110 (POST 2016) Awning  Brackets R&D Hiccup and Brackets withdrawn for further development

Toyota 300 Series Roof rack now available in General Release.


Top Hat Bar planksAluminium
Toyota 200 series, 150 , Prado 120 Roof Top Tent Roof Racks In General Release

Nissan Y62 Roof Rack  in general release.

80 series , GU Patrol Roof Racks GQ Nissan Patrol Roof racks in General release.

Disco 2,3,4 roof racks all General Release.

Patriot Campers Roof rack now in General release, Updated to include extra stiffening brackets and mount for enclosure

Renewable Power Stations Battery Cases - 'Slim Jim'  Modular cases now in

General Release

Tough Touring Taken on by CSIRO customer for Remote power !

TT comparisoon to 300 tent.jpg
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