8 weeks into COVID stage 4 now. Stay tuned for updates, hopefully it is good news on the 27th September!!

Roof racks...

It's impossible to mount touring gear without a strong/solid base. Were stoked to have Front Runner Outfitters supplying us directly with their range of racks and fittings.

What's new …

Tough Touring is a Melbourne based business located at Factory 1/58 Tarnard Drive Braeside Victoria and supplies a large range of hard shell rooftop tents all over Australia and overseas.


Our range of hard shell rooftop tents include the following brands:


Whilst we supply the brands listed above, we also have other models that we purchase and test for future support, which builds on our knowledge base of all things off-road.


Since our conception, we have endeavoured to make kits to allow touring accessories to be fitted professionally and with quality Australian-made components. These kits include:


Our network spans many suppliers and workshops, so if you are in a remote location, we can point you in the right direction to receive the service and support you might require when on the road.

Our Workshop is now open as of Monday 28 September located at 1/58 Tarnard Drive, Braeside.

Stock updates:

Ostrich Wing Awnings

Coming in on 20th September - We will be calling all of you that have orders in our system and arranging delivery thereabouts. 

The Bush Company

First Post COVID SA stock began landing last week with a shipment of just 3 tents coming and going in the blink of an eye.


Eezi Awn Stealth

Are here, 3 available.


Bundutop Standard

4 in stock. 


Bundutop KING

Are on the water and we're taking orders on these for October - November delivery.


Bush Company Black Series

About 3 weeks away - second week in October.

Moremi Sport Platinum

Are also on the water with an ETA in October.

Boss Aluminium Tents

Available - in Stock.


Most of our bracket systems are in stock, with shipping locally being actually faster than usual, less traffic perhaps!

We have built a new delivery flatbed trailer, as well as re-designed our bracket systems for added rigidity.

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