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Invest in our our custom-designed low profile racks to mount your touring gear low and strong. Designed to accept the world's top 5 rooftop tents.  

Other popular brands like Motop, Kings, and Maggiollina have been fitted and tested, but are not listed in our bracket part lists for different reasons. If you require parts for these products get in touch with us for more information.

Tent and Awning
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Tough Touring is a manufacturer and a wholesaler. We don't have a showroom as such. The products are displayed on our vehicles and there is plenty to see. Make an appointment with us to check them out.

Stocking  the world's best top quality rooftop tents and poleless awnings

Your starting point is to look at what rooftop tents or poleless wing awnings are recommended to suit your vehicle:

Select your vehicle to find out more information

Look at what roof rack / brackets / fitting options we have available for your vehicle:

All information on fitting kits can be found here

Tough Touring is a specialist Manufacturer and supplier of off-grid touring components, poleless wing awnings and top quality hardshell rooftop tents. We are currently also manufacture locally parts we need for fitment of the touring gear we supply.


Our first designs were brackets to  help owners Install their poleless wing awnings.  5 years down the track we now manufacture over 75 types of awning mounting bracket sets and  tough low mount roof racks purpose-built for the fitting of rooftop tents.

Our racks and brackets are designed specifically to suit the best quality hardshell rooftop tents though our R&D and testing program and includes the following brands:

Stock updates:

NEW Clamshell Bundutop tents now available:

  • 2 in stock. Be quick!

Ostrich Wing Awnings:

  • 1 RHS in stock. Shipping issues mean uncertain  supply at present. 

Eezi-Awn RTT:

  • Stealth: 2 in STock

  • Blade: 2 In STock

  • Dart: 2 in stock

Bundutop Standard:

  • Black and grey: 1 in Stock 1 on display

Bundutop KING:

  • 1 in stock

Boss Aluminium Tents:

  • Overlanders:  2 In stock

Brackets and racks:

  • Most of our Tough Touring bracket systems are in stock and shipping daily.

  • Roof racks  available for Pro Fitters only - 150 Prado, 200 Series, 105 Series, Disco 3 and 4 R&D complete. 

  • Dual Cab Stage 1 and 2 Over Cab Racks complete and out on general release. 

  • Troopy brackets testing complete. Shipping daily and catching up on 1st round pre-orders.

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