Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota's FJ Cruiser is a popular Touring vehicle - its powerful petrol engine and off-road comfort hide its serious offroad capability. We have added hard shell roof top tents to quite a few FJ's now. Their owners are an obsessed bunch. 

The roof of these vehicles run a roof rail system, ARB rails, Front Runner and Rhino Backbone are all readily available and sit well on these cars. 

3, 4 or 5 load bars give the mounting base for almost every Hardshell tent we support - We have also manufactured a roof rail to tent adapter plate for customers wanting a super low/slimline fit for some tents. 

Our adapter plate can be fitted between the Rhino and Front Runner rails - and The Bush Company Alpha, Black series, Camp king and Eezi awn Blade and Stealth tents. 

The Tent base sits approx 20mm from the top of the FJ roof when these brackets are used - Giving the lowest possible fit. 

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