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Nice Land Rover Disco 3 set up and capable

Tough Touring is an Offroad Touring Research and Development Company - When are our components right for you ? 

The Majority of Tough Tourings Brackets and Rack components are unique in the market place, and demand has customers requesting some of them  before they have undergone due field testing. While it sounds fairly simple to build a bracket (it is!) It is not so simple to design it to fail at the right time without damaging the vehicle or rack its fitted too - Combine built in failure with strenght over 25 vehicle , 15 rack and 15 Awning combinations for just one product and you'll start to understand the scope of what were trying to provide.  

Our Online store sells some products before being totally market ready. These products will have 'Version' of design mentioned on their product listing. The below guide lists what these versions mean to you the customer.

Version 1

- Hand made Prototype. (Workshop tools, welders, grinders) - No computerised Laser etc. Testing Shapes, Strength and fitting (NOT FOR CUSTOMERS) - (NOT LISTED ON WEB STORE)

Version 2

- Computer aided design, Working Prototype. In some cases a Version 2 will be the 'Testing' prototype of an already later version of design in operation at higher version on other vehicles or racks. Version 2 is the first version fitted for testing on our own test vehicles or in some cases customers vehicles that need the bracket or rack and will participate in post installation feedback - (TESTING VERSIONS - CAN BE LISTED BUT RARELY)

Version 3 - 5

Rebuild, re-manufacture of version 2 prototypes over several vehicles and comvinations of racks / awnings / tents. Each time a re-design is modeled, an updated varient removes or improves the bracket. Improvements  can be: Removing / Modifying to prevent any Unexpected Fouling on other brand  Accessories, Addition of additional fixing positions to make the kit more adaptable to more uses. improvements in ergonomics, rImprovements in fitting / ease of use by improving design and adaptability (TESTING VERSIONS IN MARKET / MULTIPLE VEHICLES)

Version 6

Version 6 is where we are  fairly comfortable that the product can be fitted easily by the home handyman with no special tools or equpment required. There should be pretty much no surprises. (PROVEN DESIGNS - GENERAL RELEASE)

Version 7 and onwards - we stop adding the 'Version' note to the product as its in full production.

Enhancements over time of proven brackets and kits to include updates in line with new product updates. (UPDATES TO PRODUCTS ALREADY IN GENERAL RELEASE STAGES)



Tough Touring Began in Moorabbin in 2015 - As a Dealership for offroad Trailers. The Company began upgrading the trailers quickly to Australian Spec conditions with a focus on increasing speed of set up and ease of use. As no compoents were available - we had to build our own. Thus -

manufacturing  brackets began in 2016 

Since then, Tough Touring has been relentlessly fitting, testing and re-fitting common 4WD vehicles  with Awnings, Roof racks, Battery packs and Solar panels - trying  to travell further with more comfort.

Tough Touring has always welcomed our customers modifications ! Good or Bad, If you have to rectify, modify or stuff up our products to get you there and back - TOTALLY AWESOME. We'll support the mods and hopefully be able to use your wisdom for improvements for the next traveller that goes the distance and then some. 

Our Melbourne Workshop is at (1/58 Tarnard Drive Braeside 3195) 


Please SMS ahead if you are interested in particular components to make sure we have them here at the time for viewing - our front yard and our own vehicles are our displays ! They are not always here so let us know what your coming to see,  Tent , Rack, Brackets,  Awning , Solar set up or Power Pack. 


We are always open to ideas on new gear that suits Aussie off-road touring conditions and makes Long term Touring more accessable or comfortable.

Drop us a line if you find touring products that are  worthy of the task . Dealer Enquiries welcome.

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