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About us

Mark Sils is an experienced adventurer and off-road enthusiast. With a can-do attitude and an abundance of practical knowledge and skills, he has been able to transform his passion into running a successful business supplying hard shell rooftop tents, and fitting various accessories to touring 4WD vehicles.


Tough Touring began in 2016 – making it possible to fit poleless awnings to hard shell roof top tents and touring 4WD vehicles. Since then, Tough Touring has been able to retrofit just about every 4WD vehicle to accommodate many quality hardshell rooftop tents and their related accessories.

The team discovered that one-off customisation of every component for fitting awnings and tents was prohibitively time consuming and costly - so attention was given to manufacturing and perfecting componentry that would make professional fitting possible even for customers working from their own garages.


Tough Touring’s particular area of specialty is supplying products that enable our customers to experience free camping and off-road touring with their families. We are all keen off-road tourers ourselves, we use all the gear we stock, so we know it well, and know what it takes to travel remote areas with kids and the challenges that await you in provisioning, set up, pack up weight, storage and security.


Our Melbourne Workshop (1/58 Tarnard Drive Braeside 3195) stocks, custom-builds and repairs just about everything off-road. We are also able to freight products to our clients all over Australia and the world.


Please call ahead if you are interested in particular components to make sure we have them here at the time for viewing and demonstration or contact us by email.


We are always open to ideas on new gear that suits Aussie off-road touring conditions.

Drop us a line if you find a tent worthy. Dealer Enquiries welcome.