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Tuff Trek Mk3 - Low Profile Load Bearing Roof Top Tent

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Every now and then a Roof top tent comes to market that takes the bar up to a new level...

When the Designers of the Tuff Trek Roof Tent put pencil to paper - Its evident that the best features of the ALucab Gen 3, Motop, Eezi Awn Stealth, Bundutec Bundutop, The Bush company AX27 and the Boss BA27 have all been solid inspiration for the Tuff Trek Mk3...and they should be - they are all class leading RTT.


The Trek mk3 has East West Mounting rails underneath  for floor strength. No OTHER tent on the market has this type of construction, and that means no other RTT can be installed as low on your vehicle. More on this here 

The Pro's 

The 400 GSM canvas 
Perfect sheetmetal work
Excellent Durable Paint finish
Large Protective Unflappable awning,
Quality Interior carpet and pockets and lining,
Low profile, 190mm at the front!!!

Ample internal storage,
87kg - Low weight for a load bearing tent ... 
Strong Roof with Excellent Tie downs
The m8 Adaptability,

The East west base planks - This tent can be fitted without a full roof rack if your installing it using a 'Tough Touring fitting kit' to most common 4wd vehicles.  See the Tuff Trek mk3 Installation page - Here 
Midge Mesh Flyscreens

Double canvas fly coating over mesh 
Huge overhead ventilation
The Tuff Trek Mk3 Just looks good on the vehicle

Awnings and The Tuff Trek Mk 3 RTT
The Tuff Trek Mk3 comes with awning to tent brackets already mounted to the tent - saving you time and money. The Vast majority of known Pole less 4wd awnings bolt straight on. 

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Roof rack footrails to suit your truck can be freighted with the tent. (Whole kit to fit the Tuff Trek directly to your truck without a roof rack)  are available here 

TUFF-TREK ® Overland Series Mk3 Roof Tent

Meet the new Overland Series Mk3 Hard Shell Roof Tent!

Featuring a super low profile aerodynamic shell made entirely from tough aluminium with HD textured coating, MK3 is a simple High Lift Clamshell design with almost standing headroom.

The Tuff Trek Mk3 roof tent was designed to work in all conditions, including rainy and windy Northern Hemisphere and it features a DOUBLE LAYER canvas body, made from the highest quality 400g canvas.

The unique STORM AWN © design with 4x spring rods gives all round cover - its the largest in its class without flapping issues in even moderate to heavy wind for even greater protection (side and rear).

Inside it has a comfortable 75mm thick foam mattress with removable cover, lower removable insulated carpet and his and hers organisers in the fully insulated/carpeted roof.

There is also a built in LED light and double USB/Cigarette socket charge points. The fully carpeted interior makes it warmer and less prone to condensation. We added a new air vent in the top for better comfort in heat , new his and hers cupholders and improved storage organisers are easily accessable in the opened up interior.

The exterior is finished in a unique HD textured grey and black coating for longevity and strength. Around the edges and sides of the tentis fitted a  BODY ARMOUR system – a series of plates designed to act as protection from trees and branches etc as well as offering a simple and secure way of mounting accessories.

On the Load bearing roof of the Tuff Trek Mk3 are  purpose made M8 Slotted aluminium extrusion roof rails capable of taking standard M8 Eye bolts.

If you're not sure about your rack or vehicle suiting this tent - See specifics on your vehicle and Rack at your vehicle set up pages

The Tough Touring Reccommends Installing this Tent using just the Roof rack foot rails available via our website for most makes of  Dual Cab Utes and 4wd Wagons for the best results.

Tough Touring sells our Foot rails seperatly to to fit the Tuff Trek  RTT to most poplular makes of 4wd vehicles - this saves moeny, weight and height.

More on this here - "Tuff Trek Installation"

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