Off-road Trailers

Camper Trailers of all shapes and sizes can be converted into great touring campers - removing the large tents and adding rooftop tents can make set up and pack up a matter of seconds.

We have fitted many hard shell rooftop tents to all kinds of off-road trailers over the past few years as owners upgrade them to faster setups that allow the trailer to be opened up and dried/stored and accessed inside its own footprint. No more packing and opening up to clean/dry out when you get home is typically the motivation, but other benefits include lighter weight, ability to 'lift' the tent onto racks and remove it when carrying a boat, firewood storage, ability to run solar panels on hard roof etc - make hard shell roof top tents an obvious choice for lightweight touring trailers. 


We have installed tents on most of the top end trailers getting around the Australian countryside, including Patriot, Metalian Maxi, Conqueror UEV 310, 345 and 390 - and many many others. 


We manufacture a roof gutter plate kit here - which when fitted adds a gutter to the roof of the trailer - you can then add roof racks to the trailer and install roof tents at nominated height giving the trailer added storage space for larger / longer items like surfboards, firewood etc.