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Hoop Bar Bracket Kits

Tough touring makes 3 Bolt up Variations of UP Mount 'Awning to rack' kits for Hoop Bar Racks typically seen on Ute trays and trucks. Sometimes known as Tray ladder racks also - These bars are typically made of 70mm Pipe / bent into shape.


IF you have a  Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, ARB Base rack and Front runner Slimline 2. Fitted to your Hoop Bar Racks - We make bolt up kits for these - go back a page and see them listed there.

Our Online Store pages will ask you important specifics about your  vehicle, your existing roof rack , what brand of awning and what orientation of your awning do you wish to install it so you get the right kit... 

The HOOP Bar brackets kits  ' suit  Pole Less Wing Awnings  and Typically are installed using a drill and Nutsert tool. Through Bolting the brackets to your Pipe Bar is also effective, however tube crush can be an issue on Aluminium Pipe, and Nutserts are better to be used on Ally. 

Please check the fitting Instructions link below to ensure your capable of installing these brackets and your awning. While we can often assist somewhat over the phone - keep it real. If your not good at this sort of thing - book it in to a pro fitter for a quality job. 

Tough touring Hoop Bar brackets have a 90 Degree Folded Base plate, which is laser cut with SLOTTED FRONT AND REAR  mounting points, The Front and Rear BRACKET ARE MIRRORED - 'so you can run forward folding awnings with great strength. 

Tough Touring UP Bracket slotted for Rhino and BASE Racks.jpg
Pipe Bar Bracket installed over canvas canopy.jpg
Hoop bar bracket install.jpg
Pipe Bar ladder bar Edge folded bracket.jpg
Hoop Bar bracket install back.jpg
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