Rhino Pioneer Platform UP Mount Bracket Kits

Rhino Racks and our Brackets 


Rhino make a high quality roof rack - one of the best in the market, but it is not designed to take the twist forces of pole less wing awnings... 

Note that using our brackets will void your warranty with Rhino rack... 


More info on the Awning to Rhino rack kits can be found here - Please view the instructions here to ascertain whether you can fit these brackets yourself.

Tough touring makes 5 Variations of UP Mount 'Awning to rack' kits for flat Touring Racks Like the Pioneer Platform, ARB Base rack and Front runner Slimline 2. 

Our Store page asks important specifics about your installation, like what vehicle, what brand of awning and what orientation of your awning do you wish to install it... 

The Tough Touring Awning brackets to suit Rhino Pioneer to Pole Less Wing Awning brackets are now slotted to make it easier to fit. Use the Supplied 'T' bolts to simply 'bolt up' This poleless awning bracket. With mimimal drilling, we have made this bracket specifically for the popular Rhino Pioneer platform rack - Giving your pole less awning a good strong mounting point - reducing flex over the rack and minimising twist on the awning. 

Please check the fitting Instructions link below to ensure your capable of installing these brackets and your awning. While we can often assist somewhat over the phone - keep it real. If your not good at this sort of thing - book it in to a pro fitter for a quality job. 

The vehicle featured in the images is a Toyota LC 200 - with a rear spoiler fairing still attached. The Tough Touring Awning Bracket to suit Rhino Pioneer racks is fitted on top of the rack and forward 80mm to  allow the Ostrich awning (and Most other Pole less awnings bar the Bush company XT 270 or Max) total clearance over the spoiler and open rear door when mounted as per pics. 

The hook bracket has also recently modified to work in with the Rhino Bracket Kit on the 200 series - It does Usually require to be  Rivettied  to the rack if using this component. 

Overall, the fit up results are terrific, giving the awning a super stiff corner mount, if the rack is flexing through the middle after the brackets are installed, we do also manufacture a rack stiffening plank which can certainly stiffen them up further if your not happy with the results... 


Rhino Tradesman racks cannot  accept  our bracket kits - due to the protruding hoops along the edge of the rack face where the awning would mount.

Tough Touring UP Bracket slotted for Rhino and BASE Racks.jpg


LC 200 with Ostrich wing awning.jpg
Finished Fitting Ostrich to Rhino Trades

The Tough Touring Awning to Rhino Pioneer Rack brackets are our simplest bracket kit to install... Bolt it on with the Supplied 'T' Bolts and install your awning. 

RHino 2.jpg
Rhino 3.jpg
Tough Touring to Front runner Brackets 3.jpg