Tough Touring Universal UP mount Bracket Kits

Tough touring makes three base awning to rack kits for this rack type: 

1. Up mount

2. Mid Mount

3. Up mount can be fitted upside down to make a 'Down 'mount on some really high vehicles. 

There are also variations available for Rhino Pioneer platform, Rhino Tradesman and Rhino Basket , which were previously a particularly tricky rack to fit too - see below for details on this rack type.

Up Mount Brackets

Rhino Racks make a high quality roof rack - one of the best in the market, but it is not designed to take the twist forces of pole less wing awnings... 

We make a specific "tough Touring' awning to rack bracket system to modify the Rhino rack to accept most pole less wing awnings... Note that using our brackets will void your warranty with Rhino rack... 

More on the Awning to Rhino rack kits here 


The trade bars themselves are inset around 5mm and the bottom edge has a bevel. There are no solid mounting surfaces readily available. So you will have to add your own with a complex array of strengthening plates as shown in the pictures. 

The vehicle featured in the images is a Toyota LC 200 - with a rear spoiler fairing still attached. The Tough Touring Universal UP bracket allows the Ostrich awning total clearance over the spoiler and open rear door when mounted as per pics. 

The hook bracket cannot be used (unless the rear spoiler is removed) on the LC 200 as the awning will foul the rear spoiler. 

Overall fit up results are terrific, with zero flex through brackets or corner of the rack. Usual flex through the centre of the rack, but certainly as secure a fit up as you would expect for full poleless use up to 10 knots breeze.

Tradesman racks can accept most of our bracket kits -with the Universal kit being the most popular. Please let us know what Tradesman rack you own, as we can customise the kit to make the installation as easy as possible.

Up Mount Brackets
Front Tradesman rack bracket fit up.jpg
Up Mount Brackets
Mid mount bracket assembed for ARB rack.
Mid Mount Brackets
ARB Rack with Tough Touring Mid mount br
Mid Mount Brackets