Shower cubicles - Fitting brackets 

On request - we also manufacture a drivers side shower cubicle awning brackets. Cost is $150 for the kit includes 4 piece bracket kit with Sikkaflex, all mounting hardware. You will just need a Rivett gun and usual drill/tools.

Shower Cubicle Fitting Brackets
Price: $150 inc freight

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At present we have designed quality folded and powdercoated 3mm plate steel brackets to fit up shower cubicles to the below tents: 

The Brackets Rivet on as per all our other brackets and ensure close/snug fit to the side of the tent. 

We also have moulded versions of the brackets that can mount straight up to the top or bottom plate of most flat touring racks. 

Conqueror UEV 440 490 Shower cubicle bra

If you're not sure if the awning brackets can fit, email us a picture - we can then point you in the right direction with the right part!