Tough Touring Roof Rails - A new alternative to the Rhino Backbone and Front runner foot rails. 

Tough Touring footrails were designed to eliminate un-necessary height and weight  from your set up, by bolting up directly between the roof top tent and the vehicles roof.  At Present its been designed to suit :

Toyota 100 , 120, 150 and 200 Series Land Cruisers, 

Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab, Ford Ranger and Isuzu D Max Dual cabs. 

Nissan Y62

Our Unique designs  fold 'outwards'' , allowing tents to be bolted to Some tents either directly or via an adapter plate. 

On all Tough Touring designs - The Mounting Bolts remain outside the rails, meaning that roof top tents are easily removable and easily installed - A Big deal for us after fitting over 500 Tents.... A Massive time saver.

The Roof rails are manufactured 100% in Victoria Australia, and like all our products, have been built for strength and ease of use. 


Tough Touring roof rails 

The Vehicles on this page are all fitted with tough touring Tent to vehicle kits which are a combination of our roof rails and Tough Touring roof rail to tent adapter plates. These are typically different for each vehicle type. Our Shop has a vehicle selector tool to ensure you get the right kit to fit your tent to your vehicle.
The Roof top tents displayed on this page is a Bush Company Rtt, capable of carrying loads up to 150kgs, combined with these roof rails the vehicle can carry quite heavy loads where required....  (Firewood - extra water, tools etc . There have been no issues With the tent, or the vehicle despite many vehicle manufacturers stated roof load limits of just 70Kgs).

The TT Roof rails take the tent lower than any of the competitors for a very sleek looking set up and some benefits in lower wind noise too... 

The Tough Touring Roof rails shown weigh in at 13kgs, Around twice the weight of some of the competition - however strength gains are immense. This set up needed an adapter plate also to take the roof rails to the tent, adding another 9 kgs.  - Total weight of the Tent to vehicle kit is 21Kgs. Costing $990 - the kit comes in over 20kgs lighter than a light aluminium touring rack, and almost $1200 Cheaper than a quality one. Tent installation is Simple, Bolt the adapter plates to the tent, Now you can slide the tent onto the rails from the rear, and  bolt them up 'On the outside'. No Lowering with Hoist required. 

Kits are:

*100% Australian Designed and Made. (Victoria)

*Lowest profile on the market

*Strongest possible build and well tested under extreme loads.

*Unique Design means all bolts are accessable from beside the vehicle

*Lowest wind noise possible. 

*Look way cool. :) 
* Tent remains Removable after installation
* Our Rails are made to accommodate clearances between Leading Pole Less wing awnings and tents. 
*When Tent is removed - Simply add planks to set up a fully functional Flat touring rack.

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