Awning to Tent Brackets

Awning to Tent Brackets


These brackets provide 3mm plate steel protection from Tree strikes, and are strong enough to handle the most ridgid of Pole less awnings. 

The design varies from tent to tent, Kits include a hook bracket - Sealed Rivetts and 304 Stainless M8 Bolts to help ensure a quality fit up. Videos are provided on our you tube channel to assist home builders and pro fitters alike.

The Kit  supports : (Quick Pitch, Alucab, Ostrich wing, Bundutec, Eezi Awn Manta270, Howling Moon 270 Darche 180/270 and 30 Second Awn)  


An Extra 20mm Alluminium Spacer block is added with  Some Combinations  poleless awning kits that are fitting awnings to Bundutop tents except the Ostrich , and Darche 270 awning . The Spacer block Kit is Automatically charged/ included  in the kit combinations that require them - The Spacer Kits are valued at $60 and are required to get the awning to sit outside the top lid on bundutops. 

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