Roof Rail Adapter Plates - Tent to Vehicle - (V2)

Roof Rail Adapter Plates - Tent to Vehicle - (V2)


Tough Touring Roof rail  Adapter plates allow fitment of supported Hard shell rooftop tents directly to the roof rails without a roof rack at all, bring the tent lower, quieter and lighter. The plates  can bolt directly onto your existing Front runner foot rails (Rhino backbone also with minor drilling) or Tough Touring Roof rails  - The Roof rail adapter plates are used to assist positioning the moujnting surface /plate 'outside' the roof rail to allow the tent's underbelly mounting tracks to be bolted up from accessable points around the tent ( outside the rails) . No need to try to get under the tent to get to the bolts - they are now all accessable standing beside infront or behind the vehicle.

The Roof Rail Adapter plate especially suits vehicles with Front runner roof rails wanting to fit  the following tents: Bush company Alpha, Bush Company Delta (Direct fit using their East west Crossbars, or their North South crossbars on some vehicles) , Eezi Awn Stealth, Eezi Awn Blade, Boss RT1, Boss RT 2 

In some cases you may need to drill new mounting holes into the plate to suit your tent. 

We reccommend these Adapter plates ONLY if you already have Front runner or rhono Backbone rails fitted, and you want to get the tent as low as possible while keeping the tent as easily removable as possible...


In the event of a Fresh install - We'd reccommend using the Tough Touring Tent to Vehicle kit. Go To our 'Search your vehicle'  pages and see if this Fitting kit is available to match your car.  


Existing Roof Rails
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