Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 Tent to Vehicle fitting kit

Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 Tent to Vehicle fitting kit


This Kit Includes all you will need to  mount the supported roof top tent to the roof top of your Land rover discovery 3 or 4. Existing Land Rover roof rails will need to be removed. 

Choose your tent below for the correct combination of Tent to vehicle components. 

Please note: The Kit comes complete in its base form with a Pair of Tough Touring roof rails, as well as either a pair of Roof rail adapter plates (In the case of Bush company tents) or a set of Three crossbars with end caps in the case of (Bundutec Bundutop, Boss RT1 or Eezy Awn STealth). 


Roof top tent Brand
  • Making the tent a Removable set up

    Additional Roof rack bars and end caps can also be purchased on the store to complement the kit. Adding additional  bars allows the Tough Touring roof rails to be a fully functioning roof rack when the tent is removed. All bolts are captive and accessable standing beside the vehicle.  Maximum of 7 roof bars can be fitted in addition to the kit. (Total of 10 bars) - Removing the tent is easy - Undo 6 nuts and you can slide it off.

    Warning : Roof top tents are heavy and a ceiling hoist would be advised... Please ensure necessary safety precausions are followed. 

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