Images above of our Prototype 4 roof bar system designed to counterlever and extend the north south mounting points on dual cab vehicles. For use where available rack lengths do not meet minimum specs of tent manufacturers. Suitable for Nissan navara, Holden Colorado, Isuzu, Ford ranger, Volkswagon Amarok, Toyota Hilux... (Almost any roof rail rack type vehicle that has short mounting positions over the cab. 

Using these bars gives the roof an additional 460mm of mounting surface length overall, as well as negating the need for a comple basket rack. (thus reducing weight and cost). 
Can be used in conjunction with Tough Touring Load bearning Cradle mounts for some RTT - Giving a removable tent mounting surface over the cab of Most Dual Cab 4x4

Mounting Bars can be ordered to any length but come standard at 1350mm to match almost all quality roof top tents. (Bundutop, Eezi Awn, Boss RT1, Camp King, Moremi Sport, Crazy Dog k1.

Counter lever Roof Bars to Suit most dual cab 4x4

  • Your vehicle will need to have 4 solid mounting fixings fitted to bolt the Counterlever kit to your roof.  These typically can be fitted at most reputable automotive roof rack installation businesses.  In some cases they are Nutset into the roof, sometimes through bolted for added strength. 

    Tough Touring does not fit or supply roof support mounts. 

    Please view Picture above of the Nissan photographed to see the load points. Load mounting points can be any distance apart in line with your particular vehicles roof load mount points. 

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