Dual Cab RTT mounting Kit Stage 2

Dual Cab RTT mounting Kit Stage 2


Images above of our Tough Touring Dual Cab Over Cab mounting Kit, which  extends the rack length  available on dual cab vehicles to 1700mm -  Rack foot Components are made from 6mm Laser cut mild steel, with oversized roof plates to resist twist forces for extreme loads in rough terrain. 

Cross bars included in the kit are Tough Touring LOW mount slats - bolted to our Unique Cantilever roof rail system for an ultra low fitup and ability to handle vehicle/cab flex without load damage to racks... The kit includes all mounting hardware and End Caps and is designed to handle tent and awning load combinations of up to 150Kgs Off road. 

Tents up to 1600mm wide can be fitted, and at time of writing we are supporting the following vehicles : Amarok *, Ford Ranger, Hilux, Isuzu, Triton. Please contact us if your interested in installing this kit but your vehicle is not listed . 

The Racks can be used as a stand alone rack (without a tent) and are pre - drilled to accept most quality Pole less wing awnings via our Up mount bracket systems. You can add up to 7 Slats on the rails for a full touring rack over cab if desired. All bolts are accessable from outside the rack, making changing from rack to tent and back again a fairly straight forward affair. 
Fitting Instructions are included with the Kit, Fitting time for professional fitters should be approx:

4 Hours , Remove existing roof components, drill out existing rivnuts, replace, (in the case of Amarok - add 4 additional mount positions) Then Resealing with Included Automotive Sikka, Roof rail fitting and BOlting up slats .

2 Hours, Bolt up Pole less awning if desired to our Universal UP mount bracket. All mount points are pre cut into the roof slats. Move backplate mounts to desired width and fix off.

2 hours - Fix off RTT with 6 M8 Nutserts or through bolt into the mounting holes provided on our slats... 

If Optioning in Front runner Aluminium slats - add an additional 2 hours for drilling through for the tent, tent removal, adding nutserts, tent back on then bolted up. 

* Volkswagen Amarok has a particularly weak roof design, and requires headlining removal and addition of plates inside the roof lining. Headliner removal and through bolting of top plates can add signifigant risk of accidental damage through dents, head lining damage and tears etc if not handled by a professional. 

Expect professionals to add at least 6 hours labout to the fitting of this stage 2 Kit if you have an amarok. or you wish to use the through plates in any of the above supported dual cabs. Through Cab mounting increases the kits strength significantly on all of the above vehicles - however it is not necessary on all Bar the Amarok to achieve quoted strengh. 


Please note that Tough Touring has not taken into consideration your vehicles stability or road handling characteristics, designed for maximum strength in off road conditions at low speed. 

Please adhere to reccommended vehicle roof loads where possible and drive to the conditions with safety. 

Overloaded roof racks can cause dire handling effects on all vehicles, and will adversely effect your cornering and braking speeds. 

  • Tech detail

    Included in the Kit are varients (Dependent on vehicle) of up to 6mm Mild Steel oversized mounting plates,  supported in the foot rail tack by  20mm Alumiuium Billet blocks. Some vehicles also require under roof lining strenghtening plates and additional Nutsert fixing points to be installed. (All Components in the kits)
    The Tough Touring Over cab roof kit Creates the strongest mouting platform we can make available for : Nissan navara, Holden Colorado, Isuzu, Ford ranger, Volkswagon Amarok, and Toyota Hilux among others.

    This Kit creates a 4 bar roof rack that  gives the roof an additional 460mm of mounting surface length overall wider than the vehicles mounts,
    The Rack will sit approximatly 25mm off the vehicles roof and it is just 25mm thick

    Most Modern Dual cab 4wd will have only 8 x M6 Bolts inset into the roof mounting plates.  (The Amarok only has 4 from factory) We would reccomment drilling them out to 10.5mm and inserting m8 Nutserts for added strength. 

    Instructions on fitting these racks yourself are included. Fitting times vary on experience from 1 full day to 2 full days dependent on the vehicle. 

    Mounting Bars can be ordered in longer sizes up to 1600mm  but come standard at 1350mm to match almost all quality roof top tents. (Bundutop, Eezi Awn, Boss RT1, Camp King, Moremi Sport, Crazy Dog k1 and The Bush company Tents. 


    More information can be found here.