Wieght approx 26kgs

Awning Price $1495 Wall Kit Price $1192

Fitting available

For the truly Adventurous - Weight of accessories and how fast you can get them up and down start to get really really important.

Its not rocket science - if stuff is hard to use - it just doesn't get used.

These awnings are so quick that comfortable stops with shade are no hassle.

(Or you could park under a tree)

( but trees are not very good if its raining ) -

I usually have a few of these in Stock at the Factory in Moorabin. Come and see for yourself. There is one on my car at all times.

Proudly stocking Ostrich awnings and Wall Kits.

Ostrich awnings are well known for their "Not Fragile" and fast set up awning. The design is perhaps the fastest to set up that we've seen, certainly the fastest to pack up.

Integrated Poles on the awning arms as well as a locking mechanism when opened mean speed and easy set up.

The Strength of this awning is its second major triumph. Rated Shackle hooks are fitted to each arm - allowing guying down in strong wind. The Wall kits are able to be fitted to any side - so you can put the door or windows in any arrangement that suits the site your at. Brilliant. The awning is priced at $1495.

The wall kits come with a door panel, 2 window panels and a blank panel. Set up on each panel is fast also - (Under 30 seconds per panel) - Zippers are over sized YKK and canvas used is Very heavy duty all round. (The heaviest of the awnings we stock).

The bag is strong like the rest of this awning. It has a flap at the front to protect the zipper from dust and bug ingress... Its well thought out and well made.Wall Kits are priced at $1200 including the extra poles that are required...


We've installed the Ostrich awnings on Conqueror UEV 490, UEV 345, UEV 390 trailers - as well as a few customers own custom builds - Some details below:

UEV 490

The Conqueror 490 has a 45 degree angle on the roof edge - We fabricate a custom adjustable bracket to allow fitment. Building the brackets and installation is around a Day's work - but the results are fantastic. The adjustable shackles we fit allow fine tuning of the end of the awning to ensure correct/Level positioning. Important for water run off.

A UEV 490 Trailer wanting the Ostrich needs to be left with us for at least one full working day. $780 for bracets and fitting - $1495 for the Awning - $1195 for the Full Wall kit.

We reccomend the Ostrich only be fitted to the drivers side of the UEV 490 - it provides cover over the shower side in about 10 seconds - and its wall kit will provide privacy if needed in about 30 Seconds per panel.

We Don't reccommend fitting to the kitchen side, as the swing out awning will foul the front bed set up. Its possible, (We have done it by request) but using the awning means you need to drop the front bed first, then swing out the awning. The Awning arms will also rub on the roof of the tent. Smaller front tent canvas with a flat roof would negate the issues... (But you lose space in the front bed so we don't reccommend it).


UEV 345 and UEV 390

The 300 series trailers work well with the ostrich awning on any side. As the Trailers height is only 1600 mm - This awning can only be fitted if the trailers roof height (Not including Tent) is approximatly 100mm higher. (1700mm)

The reason for the minimum height requirement is that brackets can then sit evenly with the tent or Electric Tent to an overall height of 2090mm. There are several methods of 'raising' the mounting point of the trailer to allow these awnings to be fitted... We've manufactured a full roof 'cage' which incorporates awning mounts and also allows for an enormous slide in storage area see the roof cage images here roofcage.html

This gives enough head room underneath for 1850 - 1900mm - (So taller people can still walk under it for shelter).

We've found that the fixed brackets we've constructed work really well, no flex and no movement allows for a 'flap freee' awning - see pic below of a UEV 390 fitted with a Bundutec 360 Degree awning, another of a UEV 345 fitted with an Ostrich awning



Toyota 200 Series below, also a Metalian Maxi Camper trailer and Nissan Patrol GU ute, all fitted with Ostrich Awnings.