Patriot X1 and X2

Camper Trailers of all shapes and sizes can be converted into great touring campers - Patriot campers build a beautiful / well finished unit - Typically with Haniball soft shell Fold over tents in the early models, And later utilising an Actuator driven composite hardshell.

While Patriots chosen tents are totally suited to these trailers - some customers want faster set ups, better provision for Solar panels and additional storage for Long/Large items like Tables, surfboards etc...
By Far the most popular upgrade we do to Patriot campers is the addition of a short rack, then Bundutop tent and Solar panel. 

Typically the Lifting Awning arms are re-used and the existing Supa Peg awning is retired for the Ostrich wing awning 270....

By removing the Existing tents and adding rooftop tents can make set up and pack up a matter of seconds. There's more on these tents and awnings here - Bundutec Bundutop - 

Patriot with King Bundutop on Patriot with Tough Touring Rack 4.jpg
Roof racks: made by  Tough Touring for off road trailers
Patriot with King Bundutop on Patriot with Tough Touring Rack 2.jpg

A Popular set up for Touring families, as the camper trailer can offer two seperate 'bedrooms' for travellers, one bed over the car, one over the trailer. 

Benefits include huge double roof space for solar panels, enormous storage space for touring gear and comforts like slide out kitchens and multiple fridges, tools, firewood storage and additional supplies of all kinds. 

Off road capability is barely reduced in flat or sand terrain so long as trailer loads remain light and driving style is modified to counter the extra loads on the vehicle. 

Patriot with Ostrich 2.jpg
Patriot with King Bundutop on Patriot with Tough Touring Rack.jpg


Patriot with King Bundutop on Patriot with Tough Touring Rack 3.jpg
Rooftop tents: what's the best rooftop tent for  Touring Trailers doing overnight off road  stop start style touring? 

The most common combination of Rooftop tent installed here is the Bundutop. It offers the biggest internal closed space for storage while travelling, as well as push button set up/back up and straight lift walls. Installing a roof rack to the top of the patriot before fitting a roof tent can give the Patriot added 'Large item' cargo space for things like tables, firewood, chairs and extra fuel... More on these type of modifications and the kits we make to do it here - "Trailer modifications" 

The Bundutop also can carry a HUGE 390W Solar Panel - 1800mm x 1035mm in size... More on Solar power below..

Adding Solar Power to your trailer
With the addition of a hardtop rooftop tent - solar power becomes an obvious upgrade. To Run 400W of solar, you will also need to run a 'Solar regulator/charger' note that 'Household' grade panels put out the most power and run at higher voltages of 36V - Typically this means you also have to run compatible solar regulators to meet these specs. See our Test results here  on how to maximise power into the Patriot. 

Awnings on the Patriot

The Ostrich Wing Awning is a good choice for this trailer as it is for all touring vehicles. These awnings pivot out from their mounting point - requiring the mounting point to be at least 1850mm from the ground. On the Patriot the lifting arms need to be utilised to get the height required to allow the pole less awnings to swing out on their axis at a bit over head high .


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LIFTING ARMS ON PATRIOT X1 and X2 Are NOT DESIGNED FOR POLE LESS AWNIGS - If you fit one to their existing Lifting arms they bend and flex too much to be used in a pole less mode. 

To get a little extra height - and achieve a Stiff fit up - Usually the best solution is to add a rack between the trailer and the tent as in the pictures above - Then fit the awnings directly to the tent itself. You will see the awning brackets fitted to the tent above Bundutop Tent to Awning brackets - This gives the awning a great solid foundation, while the rack below the tent gives a great big space to carry toys, tables, chairs, firewood, surfboards etc. 

Ostrich Wing on Patriot .jpg
Ostrich on Patriot trailer 2.jpg
Patriot set up with Bundutop.jpg

For More information on some Clever Usability Upgrades / Modifications to the Patriot - Click here - "Advanced Trailer Modifications"