Moremi Sport Rooftop Tents

Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent
1500mm width x 2200mm
(closed height)
Weight: 50kg (super light!)
Priced at approx $4000 plus freight

The Moremi Sport is a groundbreaking design, bringing the space of a straight-up lifting tent to a clamshell's simplicity.  Not to be confused with the Chinese built 'Moremi Lite' - The Moremi Sport is a side lifting clamshell and is manufactured in South Africa.

The Tent has an interior space that belies its tiny footprint - it's massive inside. The mattress is 70cm foam, roof lining finished in marine carpet. Entrance is via both ends and the front, with the lifting wall giving a solid wall against the weather on the upwind axis.

The use of quality canvas and aluminium is noted, so is the strength of build and brilliant, simple pointed design.

The "general vibe of the place" is unreal - with almost 1.5m of headroom and full straight lift walls, the Moremi Sport boasts easily the largest internal volume of all the tents we run with, its set up is a very respectable 15 seconds or less and pack up is not hard either.

A top 5 scorer of our world's best top 10 tents - The Moremi Sport suits a variety of tourers seeking more space, good wind performance, and load-carrying ability at a budget of about half of some of the competition. 

This is a tent that will last a lifetime and if only we knew where the first few have gone...

Download the PDF here for more info/features and our list of pros and cons
(not many cons at all!) on the Moremi Sport roof top tent.

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