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Mitsubishi Triton 

Installing a roof top tent onto the Mitsubishi Triton:

The Triton  Dual Cab ute offers 1250mm of Over cab roof space, and typically around 1650mm more space over the tub or tray/canopy for mounting a Roof top tent (Rtt). 


Like all Dual Cab utes, The Triton has a history of chassis twist and handling issues when overloaded. Excessive weight in rear tray can manifest in cracks in Tub /chassis Mounts, Cracks in chassis, lifting front wheels, overspin (front axle ), over torque axle shear and general poor handling - especially on corregation at speed.


Carry Loads Centrally

Our reccommendation through years of R&D is to carry signifigant loads centrally  'between the front and rear wheels' to balance the body roll on front and rear suspension evenly. This will minimise any twist through the truck, as well as keep the vehicles handling cababilites as good as possible. 

Carry Loads LOW
Tough Touring Designed Over cab racks to get roof tents low and strong and forward. (building the roof rack feet longer and stronger) in our Tough Touring Triton roof top tent racks  have taken the available Over cab roof rack space out to a 1750mm Long footprint with exceptional strength. 

The Tough Touring Triton Over cab Roof rack will place roof top tents mounting rails just 25mm above the cab roof on some tents (Tents that don'r require cross bars like the Tuff Trek Mk3) and other tents with North south rail mounts that do require load bars around 45mm off the roof of the Triton cab. (Still as low as you can go).

Buy a RTT that you can install awning too.

Customers wishing to also install pole less wing awnings that cannot do so to the side of their roof top tent with awning to tent brackets will instead need to install a seperate small canopy rack over the rear canopy to then install awning brackets too. These awning to rack brackets are listed here - "awning to Roof Rack brakets " 

Additionally - Pole less awnings front bracket needs to be a 'Front flexing bracket' to accommodate the Dual cabs articulationg front cab and rear tub. 

RPS in Canopy 2.jpg

Off Grid Power : Power up the Triton


Tough Touring Builds Slide in - Renewable Power Packs (RPS 1000) to suit off grid power supply for 12 Volt Fridges, Lights, and Compressorts right up to mid range light agricultural power supplies for caravans / sheds and emergency household power... We've gone down the path of building the DC DC chargers, Solar Regulators and LifePo4 Batteries into removable cases for multi purpose use - and to allow rapid and hassle free installation. More on best practice in regard to dual battery systems for Dual Cab Utes is discussed in detail here - 




If you want to fit a full size wing awning Like the Ostrich 270 Wing awning directly to any Dual Cab Ute running a 1650mm Canopy - You can fit them using any of our Awning to Roof rack brackets that suit your roof rack, for any full size Pole less wing awning (longer than 2.3m ) you will also need a third front 'Flexing awning bracket ' - More on these Mounting Brackets  here. 

We have listed our picks of top performing awnings (For Victorian/SA weather conditions) here.


If you wish to run a Pole Less Wing awning on short canopy Utes without bridging the awning across canopy and Cabin on Dual cab utes - You can do this successfully with Short Pole less awnings, Anything under 2.2m Would be a good choice.

At time of writing the one to check out is the 'Ostrich Junior Wing'  It is as large as much of the competition at 2.2m span - and can be fitted with mounting points at only 1500mm apart... One shown below on a ford ranger for example below... See more on these here -

We Strongly reccommend fitting Hard Shell Roof top tents over the Cabin of Dual Cab Mitsubishi Triton Utes (Rather than over the canopy)  for the best On and off road Handling.

Triton Roof BOLTS.jpg
Triton Rack.jpg
Tough Touring Triton Dual Cab roof top tent rack 3.jpg
Triton Rack 2.jpg

Consider the Whole Touring Build before you start - 

When Fitting Hard Shell tents to the Mitsubish Triton please note its best to buy a tent that you can fit your awnings directly to the tent. Rather than the rack, as the vehicle's available fitting spaces (over the front cabin, and over the rear tub) are BOTH too short for a mount on either on their own...

Full size awnings need to be fitted to the rear rack, then supported at the front by a flexing front bracket - 


All this is 100% Necessary as all dual cabs need to 'articulate' between the cab and the tub - if you try to bolt anything across the articulation or you will just snap the bolts and or destroy the Bridging item.

The Best 3 Hard Shell Roof top tents for the Triton in our Opinion would be The Bundutec Bundutop , 23 Zero YETTI and the Tuff Trek Mk3

We chose these three because :

three are Very Light weight - but very different

* The Bundutec tents are Straight lift - More room inside yet doesn't take up the whole available roof space and offer a smaller footprint on the roof at 2.1m, The 23 zero yetti is even smaller at 1400 x 1400mm.

* These tents Shorter Overall Length also leaves room at the back for Ladder less entry when the tents are mounted forward over the Cab. (Yetti sits totally on either the front rack or the rear rack leaving heaps of space...) 

* The Bundutec Bundutop has the major advantage of being able to Fit up and support  Pole less wing awnings mounted directly to the tent, Giving required headroom under the awning and preventing fouling issues on the rack.


* Overall comfort in these three tents is superior to the vast majority of other tested clamshell tents.

* The Tuff Trek Mk 3 Does not require cross bars - saving height and money - it also doubles as a load bearing roofrack - offroad storage ontop is always unreal. (Awnings fit straight to this too which is a major installation time and money saver)

* The  23 Xero YETTI - Like all Glass and Plastic Tents do require more complex brackets, racks and awning installations  - They need to be fitted using 'Independent awning and Tent to rack' method as described in detail on on this page here 

Triton Chris.jpg

ISSUES With Mounting RTT to the Triton


The Tritons under done roof rack mounts from Factory are a major issue with carrying any load on the cab. The factory Mount shown here is just not strong enough to hold any more than a single m6 bolt fitting - and there are only 2 each side, making it the weakest mount we've seen on any car from factory. 

To keep your equipment firmly fixed to your Triton, we use a 'reverse dome nut' kit to through bolt the Tough touring over cab rack to the Triton, using 4 M8 Bolts each side. More on these kits here... The Reverse dome nut kit installation requires roof lining to be removed - its a 2-3 day job. 

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