Mitsubishi Triton 

The Mighty Triton Dual cabs are a super reliable vehicle that seem to be everywhere in the Aussie Bush these days!

Like All Dual Cabs - You get the best of both worlds - A 4 seater Ute that has plenty of room in the tub for Fridge, Power packs, Firewood and chairs etc.

Over the Cabin - The Triton has 4 rack mounting points built into the vehicle as standard. Allowing decent Roof racks to be fitted up to 1750mm Long and 1550 Wide. The Mounting Bolts are factory fitted 'Outside' the roof cavity - Sitting on top of the roof skin and fastened through the roof using welded penetrating studs... - This is a solid mount point - designed to facilitate light weight racks while not interferring with internal air bags. To Complement this set up, we use our heavy duty rack feet on the triton to spread load and take advantage of the solid / Flat roof foundation provided. 


The Open Tub or Tray rear gives Single and Dual Cab varients the options of running a 'Step up and In' arrangement if roof tents are fitted over the Cab - Just step up onto the lowered tailgate, step up again onto a suitably mounted tool box and straight into your roof tent. Minimal Climbing of ladders is a real winner when your camping in Roof tents daily. 


We have Finished R&D on Over cab Roof racks for the Triton - Designed Ground up to suit the Bundutec Bundutop Tent and James Baroud tents - (Our Two first choices for the Triton). 

The super strong, low profile design  allows max strength and a usable rack when the tent is lifted off... More on the Stage 3 Over Cab tent mounting racks here - "Stage 3 Racks"

Tough Touring Triton Dual Cab roof top tent rack 3.jpg
The Best 2 Hard Shell Roof top tents for the Triton in our Opinion would be The Bundutec Bundutop and the James Baroud Straight LiftingTents.

Both are straight Lifting Tents. 
We chose these two because :

* Very Light weight
* Straight lift - More room inside yet doesn't take up the whole available roof space.
* These tents Shorter Overall Length also leaves room at the back for Ladder less entry when the tents are mounted forward over the Cab.

We Strongly reccommend fitting Hard Shell Roof top tents over the Cabin of Dual Cab Mitsubishi Triton Utes for the best On and Off road Handling.

Triton Roof BOLTS.jpg
Extended Counterlevered roof bars design
" As far as Pole Less awnings go - You can't go past the Ostrich wing - 270... The one fitted in the pictures swings out and partially covers the tub canopy, keeping it cool and out of the sun, using less power to run fridge and giving decent poor weather shelter in rain. "