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Metallian Maxi

Black Bundutop fitted to Metalian Camper Low mount.jpg
Metalian Maxi with Bundutop Electric Hard Shell Roof top tent fitted.PNG

The most common combination of Rooftop tent installed here on the Metallian Trailers is the Bundutop. It offers the biggest internal closed space for storage while travelling, as well as push button set up/back up and straight lift walls. Installing a roof rack to the top of the Metallian before fitting a roof tent can give the trailer added 'Large item' cargo space for things like tables, firewood, chairs and extra fuel... More on these type of modifications and the kits we make to do it here - "Trailer modifications" 

Adding Solar Power to your trailer
With the addition of a hardtop rooftop tent - solar power becomes an obvious upgrade. To Run 400W of solar, you will also need to run a 'Solar regulator/charger' note that 'Household' grade panels put out the most power and run at higher voltages of 36V - Typically this means you also have to run compatible solar regulators to meet these specs.

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