Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 

Discovery 3 side profile.jpg

Shown Above are images of our "Tent to Disco Kit " - TOP is the Bush company tent, left is bundutec bundutop and right is Eezy Awn Stealth.  

Tents were fitted in pics using Tough Touring Roof rails, Adapter plates and then the tent. - no rack required.  The kits come with all components and hardware for your chosen tent. 

Kits Include:

* Tough Touring Roof rack foot rails (lowest and strongest)
* Tough Touring Roof rail adapter plate - (Or 3 Crossbars if fitting bundutop)

* Instructions and Hardware included

* Allow tent to be removable

* Half the weight and height of a touring rack
* Can be set up to run as a rack when tent lifted off

Hard Shell RTT Tents reccommended /support:ed as at 10/3/2021: 

Bundutec Bundutop (standard and King)

The Bush Company (all tents) 

Boss Aluminium RT1 and RT2

Eezi awn stealth and Blade

Hard shell Roof top Tent fitting to land rover Discovery 3 and 4

Tough Touring have manufactured tent to vehicle and awning to rack kits specifically designed for the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 to provide the ideal foundations for roof top tents and pole less awnings.


* Lowest fit ups on the market

* Low wind noise

* Superior strength - tested to 200kgs off road 

* Roof Top tents (If Fitted) are easily removable via 4 Bolts on the outside of the rack - 

See our Store page  for the kit used in the photo's  'Tent to Disco Kit'

Discovery 4 with Bush Co T ent.jpeg

Pole less Awnings on Discovery 3 and 4 - If your wanting to fit  pole less awnings to your rack without a tent

 As far as awnings go - our pick for the Disco is the Ostrich Wing Awning. or the Bush Company XT 270 
.The Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 are quite unique as their air suspension can lower them under carparks etc -   - so we have manufactured Disco specific Mid-Mount Awning to rack brackets to sit low on this vehicle.  These brackets allow fitment of Most quality South African pole less awnings to common platform and basket touring racks . We also do an UP Mount bracket kit for taller customers - as well as specific Basket rack brackets for those types of racks... 


Like all vehicles, the Disco 3 and 4 presents its challenges. Wind noise on D3 & D4 coming from roof racks with East west bars in particular can be noisy at Highway speeds. 


"Our Tent to vehicle kits were designed to be strongest on the market, Low profile, lightest weight and low wind noise. And we think we;ve nailed it "

We also do tent to vehicle kit for those of you that are already running a Front runner rack - its just an adapter plate that sits between the tent and the front runner rails....  More on it here -  Tough Touring roof rail adapter plates.

(Not suited to all roof top tents - The ones supported are listed on the  page)