Front Runner Racks provide the ideal foundation for carrying your touring equipment on Discovery 3,4 and 5 Vehicles. Click on the link above for their site directly... We are a supplier and have most of their racks in Stock for Land rover models. 

The D3 and D4 below in pics are both running Front runner roof rails and Slimline 2 racks. 

The D3 also carries their slide in Table, Rear door ladder and a few other Front Runner accessories. 

Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 

Some earlier Disco 3's were fitted with 17" rims and coil-sprung suspension, while later models right up to the last D4 featured Height Adjustable Airbag suspension and 18" wheels were the smallest fitted. 

Their comfort off and on-road is incredible, stock standard models being off-road capable beyond most peoples' expectations. A combination of a long wheel base, centre locking diff, terrain response hill descent and traction control takes the Disco places it probably shouldn't be going!

Storage space internally is immense 7-seater. Options have flat-folding rear, giving an 8-foot long internal cargo area, should you want to drop the seats. Fuel onboard allows a range of approx 750km.


ARB and Kaymar make steel bar work for these vehicles, allowing swing-out rear bars, and winch fitting to the front end, while Front Runner and Rhino make load bars for the roof.


We are looking at importing Pro Speed racks and Bars for the D3 and D4. Watch this space.

Poleless Awnings
Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 have limited room between the top of the doors and the Roof racks - so we have manufactured Mid Mount Universal Awning to rack brackets to suit this vehicle.  These brackets allow fitment of Most quality South african Pole less awnings to common platform and basket touring racks available. 

For more on this see the 'Fitting kits' page and contact us directly for the right kit to suit your vehicle/rack/awning or tent combination.

We'd reccommend the Ostrich Wing Awning again like the 200 series cruiser the ostrich wing awning swing around bar is mounted at the top of the pivot point, clearing the rear wind deflector on the D3 and 4. other Top quality awnings can be difficult to mount low and tidy on the vehicle. 

Rooftop Tents

We have experimented and fitted Camp King, Boss Aluminium, Bundutop, Eezy Awn Stealth, Eezi Awn Blade, Magiolina, The Bush Company Black series and The Bush Company Alpha Tents. Details on all these tents available here - Roof Top Tents


In our opinion, the best tent on the market for this vehicle are the Eezy Awn stealth. its a wisper quiet tent - with very low side profile (150mm) and is one of the best built tents in the market. Other models like the Bundutop and or Boss Aluminium tents require roof rails to be fitted, then Steel crossbars or possibly a full platform rack... Both these tents can be set up in such a way to be removable.

We do manufacture a Roof rail adapter system that allows fittment of Bush Company Alpha and Black series directly to the roof rails (Negating the need for the Platform rack itself). 


It takes the mounting bolts right to the outside of the rails, making them accessable from the outside of the rails - Making the install as painless as possible. See the Adaptor plate here - Tough Touring Tent to Vehicle Rail Adapter

Some Disco 4s were factory fitted with a plastic roof rail system - it is certainly strong - and will allow fitment of Eezy Awn tents. Sadly the stock Crossbars are not wide enough to fit up many hardshell tents. (They do work with Eezi Awn Stealth Eezi Awn Blade and Boss Aluminium with minor modification ). 

Road Manners
Land Rover specifies a 70kg Load rating for the roof of Discovery 3 and 4. Like most manufacturers, this seems pretty light on, as once fitted with load bars, Even a 100kg tent + Rack on my own Disco 3 in un-noticeable on and off-road.

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