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Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2

Ostrich Junior on Tough touring rack and Brackets.jpg
Land Rover Discovery 2 Tough Touring Roof rack with MID mount awning brackets and Ostrich
Discovery 2 Tough Touring Roof rack Roof top tent mount awning mount strongest lightweight

Setting up the Disco 1 & 2 for Touring

The Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2 is a super capable / economic touring 4wd. It has a super strong gutter mount - allowing fitment of our 1 piece gutter rails. A truly loved vehicle by owners of them - Its challenges are off camber stability, small storage space and a short wheelbase. A well set up Disco is one of the best touring vehicles you can own - more on setting them up right is mentioned on this page.

Land Rover Discovery 2 Tough Touring Roof rack with MID mount awning brackets and Ostrich

Roof loads and The Discovery - While the Disco is immensely capable off road - Vehicle handling gets 'tippy' and dangerous past 50kgs on the roof in extreme 4wd conditions without modifications to suspension, wheel track and forward mounting of loads.


For Long distance off road touring - Like most wagons on the road, the Disco 1 and 2 lack any storage room for firewood / chainsaws / extra water / recovery gear and other 'dirty' equipment. Recently released to the Australian Market, The Tuff Trek Mk 3 is a great match for the Disco, with its load bearing roof, super low profile and ability to carry bedding for 4 inside when shut.  The Tuff Trek Tents are quite unique as they are able to be installed without a roof rack - a huge weight saving on the 'tippy' disco. 

Wind noise and roof racks:

Like all vehicles, The Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2 present their challenges. Wind noise on coming from roof racks with East-west bars, in particular, can be noisy at highway speeds. 


Recommended 'Touring' Upgrades for Discovery 1 and 2:

  • Overall - We reccommend Load bearing RTT for the Disco as storage space in rear is minimal - and the rack space on top is critical for longer touring. Tuff Trek Mk3 wins all round for the Disco 1 and 2 - If your trips are short - and your never going to carry firewood or any gear (other than a solar panel on the roof). we'd reccommend the Bundutec 1350 standard. for ultimate comfort .

  • Awnings: Your chosen awning should have a zip on wall kit option that is good in wind, and your awning needs to be light and easy to set up pack up - so our first choice is Ostrich Poleless 270 degree awning.  more on all awnings on the shortlist here 

  • Wheels: Dynamic Steel 25mm wider than standard offset (legally can go to 25mm each side in Australia). Widen the Stance and improve off camber stability.

  • Tyres: - Get some heavy 8+ ply sidewall off road tyres while your at it, these will help reduce body roll. + 300Kg Rear coils add enormous handling improvements. Especially with the Roof weight and rear bar increasing vehicles weight.

  • Rear Bar - Carry your water and spare off the rear door as the standard disco hinges fail quickly if larger wheels / tyres or gear is hung off it.

  • Roof Racks : As Light and low as possible - Racks need to mount forward to allow awnings to cover the barn door 'gap' in rain. Roof top tents with East west crossbars built in - eliminating the need for a rack platform and thus any extra height. The Combination of the Tuff Trek Mk3 roof top tent and a Tough Touring roof rack (rails only option) gives the disco the lowest profile roof top tent set up, (loadbearing too) positioning the awning forward enough to prevent rain ingress into the rear door. Its the Winning combination for this truck.

Land Rover Discovery 2 with Bush company
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