Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2

The Disco 1 and 2 has a wide 1450mm roof and flat square gutter mount roof gutters - making it an easy vehicle to install touring racks and gear on. Its roof load limit is unknown (look it up) but we've put enormous loads on ours without issue. 


The large wide space allows even the biggest of tents to sit well on the vehicle, pics below are of a Bundutop King mounted forward 800mm from rear. Huge roomy accommodation and room as well for 2x 800mm x 400mm x 400mm storage boxes and rear ladder access to the tent. 

Positioning of the tent/panel forward was accomplished with the addition of an extra bar added to the front of the rock sliders - giving solid support for the 2 foot plus overhang over the windscreen. Vehicle balance and body roll were countered with heavy-duty 300kg+ springs all round and 50mm wider offset rims. 

It is questionable on if you can actually drive this vehicle legally on road in victoria (no you can't!) We've put it up there anyway - regardless of the huge tyres and straight through exhaust because it's awesome. 

Ultimate off-road comfort, locked front and rear, 1000kms a tank of diesel and plenty of room left in the car for touring gear and toys. I love this truck.

Disco 2 on 33's with Front runner rack a
Ostrich awning.jpg
  • Tents fitted: Bundutec King above, Bush Co Black series Left, Moremi Sport Bottom.

  • Awnings: Ostrich Pole Less 270 degree awning.

  • Wheels: Dynamic Steel 50mm wider than standard offset (legally can go to 25mm each side in Australia).

  • Tyres: Hankook 315 x 75 x 16 (35") not road legal in Australia.

  • Drivetrain: Stock Landrover, Detroit true track lockers front and rear 2.5 TD5 Diesel with Alisport VNT turbo, mapped to 450NM torque. Straight through exhaust.

For information on mounting this tent to your vehicle see Tent to Vehicle Kits