Installation of Hard Shell Tents

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There are 5 types of installations broadly applying to Hard Shell tent to vehicle applications. 

They are:

  1. Tent to roof-rack (through Bolt)

  2. Tent to canopy (Through Bolt, or z bracket)

  3. Tent to roof rails via an Adapter plate
    (Front Runner, Rhino backbone, ARB etc)

  4. Tent to gutters, via Rack feet

  5. Tent to Cradle (Removable mount)

It is easiest to outline best practice for mounting the various tents by dealing with them by brand specifically, as they are all very different!

It is fair to say that some vehicles suit some tents far more than others.


Fitting the wrong tent to the wrong vehicle can result in issues with wind noise, improper weight distribution, and poor use of space. We have published some of our experiences and tips to hopefully help you understand what mounting surface and what equipment you will need and how to get the best results for your tent and your vehicle. 

You can find the installation guides by Tent manufacturer.

Eezi-Awn Rooftop Tents:

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Boss Hardshell RT1 


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