Eezi-Awn Rooftop Tents

Eezi-Awn produces three hard-shell RTT in their lineup.

  • Stealth - Aluminium gas strut lift with scizzor lifting foot (premium option)

  • Blade - Similar body shape as Stealth but no scizzor lift foot and no ladder integration, lighter canvas (mid-range option)

  • Dart - Lightweight /Fibre glass body. 60kg.
    (Super Lightweight option)

While the Eezi-Awn tents share many common features across the range, we will talk predominantly about the Stealth. Mainly because, in our opinion, it is one of the best tents on the market. It is very secure in strong winds, and it is the only tent we've seen that features a fully insulated floor, which is very good at preventing condensation in the mattress. 

The Stealth features many groundbreaking and unique features including a frontal scizzor lift that picks up the front of the tent without need for power or gas struts. The lifting floor gives it immense space for its small footprint.


Taller people tend to also have big feet, and this tent will accommodate persons up to 6'8 with ease. 

Mattress density/quality and overall finish on this tent's mechanical mechanisms, housing and interior is in our opinion, a step above all South African competition.


This tent is so comfortable in poor weather that our fitter (grumpy Pete) won't travel with anything else. (He's always complaining about the weather). 

The tent's ladder, housed in a rebate under the tent is also unique - whilst the side profile is a very thin 150mm - making it the least most obtrusive looking tent on the market along with its close cousin, The Blade.

Airflow at travel is fantastic - and mounting is via 2 rails running north-south under the tent body. 

Some poor information and marketing on this tent have probably hurt its prevalence in the Australian Bush. Early on, it was incorrectly stated that it was a 'heavy' tent. In fact, it is one of the lightest of the hardshell tents we stock. 90Kg mass includes the ladder and the mattress, making it sit very close to the lightest tent we have when all components are included in the weighing. 

The Stealth and the Blade share a cool zip down the awning, which can be closed and zipped shut from inside the tent if the wind comes up. Genius :)


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