For the truly Adventurous - Light weight, Clearance, and Departure angles become increasingly important.

" The Uev-310 Weighs in at only 600kg and is priced at under $23 grand..."

Click here to view the UEV 310 video clips!

Remote Destination travel...
can be made possible with modified 4wd Vehicles and trailers built for the task. These three Videographers below are my favorites at present - showing incredible destinations that are accessable to the well prepared...

West Australia - Ronny Dahl

I have been watching a lot of Ronny Dahl - His Expeditions are unreal, and his videography is exceptional iMO. Go Ronny! You can support Ronny by watching his trips and subscribing to his channel. Keep up the great work mate :)

South Australia - West Australia - 4x4 Australia

Another ripper trip below... Published by 4x4 Australia and one that I can't wait to do. 4x4 Australia’s Big Bight Expedition covered a huge hunk of Australia’s southern coast.
It was three weeks of incomparable off-road exploration from Esperance in Western Australia to Baird Bay in South Australia.

Northern NSW - Queensland - Live Action 4wd

- I really love the adventures of the boys in Live action 4wd ! In this episode they travel to Cape York - Hilarious bunch of fellas.Check out this great video and more of theirs also on their channel.

South Australia Notes

I have been past the Flinders ranges several times. It’s well overdue on my busy schedule (Hahahahah) – Kind of skipped it on my way to the Birdsville track and Uluru…

I’ve found a couple of videos on You tube… – Very much Australian Tourism focused - J

I did a trip with my wife and kids – the highlight was actually just getting there. We stopped about 10 times a day. Camped at Spear Creek, found a fantastic pup (Where we stayed on the lawn on the Murray, Then headed towards Lake Eyre – from there we camped under the stars at unknown locations. (Basically where we could follow old water courses off road and escape view of the main road). Some great video of the typical terrain on the way by Go See Guides here -

Victoria - All Offroad 4 x 4 Adventures - Victorian High Country. (My Home). The High Country is in parts incredibly steep and requires locked differential 4wd . Hema Maps accuratly dictate road/terrain and many areas are still accessible to offroad trailers. (Just make sure you plan your route ) . Trailers add comfort and a decent base camp from which to explore from. Much of the High Country is subject to snow falls during winter. IMO the best time to visit :) One of the few places in the world where you will almost certainly get it all to yourself...





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