Diesel Heating 

The Standard Conqueror UEV trailers do not come factory installed with any hot water or heating. 

We have installed many types of units of heaters in these trailers - Webasto, Diesel heat, Ebersparcher models being the key few. 

While much argument can be had around what type of heating is best (that's a matter for your own research) at present, we're getting the best results out of the Diesel heat units manufactured here in Australia (Tasmania).


The unit's core features are that the Boiler unit (Ebersparcher) is housed/surrounded by the coolant reso - allowing a compact unit to be installed. All components are pre-fab with minimal installation/pre-installation required inside the trailer itself. 

Some key points to consider with Conqueror Heaters and Diesel heaters installation:

  • Main heater components should be easily removable for service/repair work if required. 

  • The Heating units make a tick, tick tick noise, as well as intermittent exhaust flue noise. Locate the unit out of the main cab. 

  • Heater fan units must always be mounted LOWER than the heating unit or poor performance and airlocks can occur.

  • Design into the build a means of bleeding the coolant fluid.

Diesel heater install.jpg
Diesel Heat Ebersparcher diesel heater i
Diesel heater controls inside Conqueror