Roof Rail Adapter Plates

Tough Touring's customised Adapter plate allows some rooftop tents to be fitted directly to the Rhino backbone or front runner roof rails themselves without the need for crossbars or a roof rack at all. The plates simply bolt onto your existing Rhino backbone - positioning the plate 'Outside' the roof rail to allow the tents underbelly mounting tracks to be bolted up from outside the rails. No need to try to get under the tent to get to the bolts - they are now all accessible standing beside the vehicle.

We will continue development of the adaptors, as they offer lowest possible mounting of tent whilst minimising the weight. At present, we have completed the following adaptor plates:

Bush Company Alpha to:

  • Front Runner roof rails (all known vehicles)

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone (all known vehicles)

Bush Company Black Series to:

  • Front Runner roof rails for all vehicles with rail distances less than 1260 mm apart (tent is 1380mm between mount points) 

  • Rhino Backbone System rails (as above)

Eezi-Awn Stealth and Blade 

  • Front Runner roof rails (all known vehicles) 

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone (all known vehicles)

Camp King and Boss Aluminium 

  • Front Runner roof rails (all known vehicles)

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone (all known vehicles)

You will need a hoist/gantry or similar to fit the tent - it is made somewhat easier with the adaptors as all bolts are easily accessed on the outside of the roof rails after fitting. Precise lowering of the tent onto the pre cut mounting holes is essential as the bolt remains captive in the tent base. (You can't slide the tent on).

The Roof rail adapter plates have been modified in the past to suit many other tents as well as the Bush Co Black series and Alpha that do not come with under-mount rails built into the tent. 

Examples shown in the pics above are Camp King tents, and while no tent manufacturer is too keen on us messing with their product - it can be done to achieve super low mount where required. 

Roof Rail Adapter Plates:
$300 a pair + Freight 



Modifications to any manufacturers design usually voids their warranty. 


While the roof rail adapter plates we manufacture come with a 24 month warranty - Fitting them and your tent to both the Front Runner or Rhino rails systems voids their product warranty.


In fact, mounting a RTT in any case also exceeds most vehicle manufacturers roof load limits - thus also voiding their vehicle waranties against roof leaks. 


Care should be taken to minimise extreme vibration and high speed impacts on all vehicles touring with larger roof loads. Excessive speed and impacts can cause shearing of roof bolts - and or damage to the roof rails themselves.

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