Roof Rail Adapter Plates

Tough Touring's Roof Rail Adapter plate allows some rooftop tents to be fitted directly to the Rhino backbone or front runner roof rails themselves without the need for crossbars or a roof rack at all. The plates simply bolt onto your existing Rhino backbone - positioning the plate 'Outside' the roof rail to allow the tents underbelly mounting tracks to be bolted up from outside the rails. No need to try to get under the tent to get to the bolts - they are now all accessible standing beside the vehicle.

Version 2 of the adaptors are now available,  we have completed the following adaptor plates:

Bush Company Alpha, Delta and Black series to:

  • Front Runner roof rails
    (LC200, Prado120/150 Disco 3/4)

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone and ARB Rails
    (Some drilling required)

Eezi-Awn Stealth and Blade to:

  • Front Runner roof rails
    (LC 200, Prado 120/150 Disco 3/4) 

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone and ARB rails
    (Some drilling required)
    The Roof Rail adapter plate can be positioned to 'square up' the taper on the above vehicles to allow a perfectly straight fit-up, therefore providing the opportunity to make installations of these tents removable. 

Camp King and Boss Aluminium to:

  • Front Runner roof rails (LC 200, Disco 3 and 4 Prado 120/150)

  • Rhino-Rack Backbone and ARB (Some more drilling into the plate is likely for suitable fitment)


  1. Bolt on Roof rail adapter plates to your existing front runner or Rhino Backbone rails - Use the Slots to square up the plates to be perfectly parallel. You now have a parallel flat mounting surface for the tent. 

  2. You will need a hoist/gantry or similar to lift the tent. Do a test fit of the tent by lowering it onto the roof rail adapter plates.

  3. It is usually possible  to bolt up the tent by through bolting the tent to the Adapter plates on the outside of the roof rails . (So you now have access to the bolts from beside the car)

  4. If the tent has Slotted m8 Female mounting plates - Insert Bolts and slide to position, lowering the tent onto corresponding mounting holes in the adapter plates.


The roof rail adapter plates have been modified in the past to suit many other tents as well as those listed. New Holes can be drilled in them where necessary to fit them up. 

Roof Rail Adapter Plates: $395 a pair + Freight 

Modifications to any manufacturers design usually void their warranty. 


While the roof rail adapter plates we manufacture come with a 24-month warranty - Fitting them and your tent to both the Front Runner or Rhino rails systems voids their product warranty.


In fact, mounting a Rooftop tent in any case also exceeds most vehicle manufacturers' roof load limits - thus also voiding their vehicle warranties.


Care should be taken to minimise extreme vibration and high-speed impacts on all vehicles touring with larger roof loads. Excessive speed and impacts can cause shearing of roof bolts - and or damage to the roof rails themselves.


If you don't have a Gantry or precise lowering equipment we wouldn't advise using these adapter plates....
Consider instead installing the full "Tough Touring Tent to vehicle kit to suit your vehicle "(Which includes the roof rails) - as the tent can be slid on - bolts dropped in and simply done up. 

Tough Touring Adapter Plate to Rhino Backbone and Front Runner Roof Rails shown in pics.