Awning Installation Tips

The Ostrich wing is by far the easiest awning to install that we've fitted, It comes complete with Slide in Spacer Blocks - with the rear one already fitted to the Rear section of the awning, - The awnings spacer blocks bring it out away from the Hoop bars on trade racks, as well as the lip on many roof top tents, negating the need for any mods.

Watch the video beside for how to add the front spacer block on the Ostrich and Slide the awning on. Its also super easy to slide off again for servicing or storage. 

Alucab, Howling moon and Quick Pitch awnings have 4x 50mm Mounting holes on their awnings...

If you wish to install an Alucab, Howling Moon or Quick pitch awning to your tent or Roof rack - you will most probably have to drill two new mounting holes at each end of the awning to marry up with the Bolt holes on our brackets . 

See Images below. In this Instance - A Quick pitch awning was being fitted to a Bundutop tent. Rather than push the awning 50mm Further back away from the rear of the tent (As per the Quick Pitch Mounting points would do) - We have drilled two new 9mm Holes Above and Below the Factory 50 x 50 x 50 x 50 mounts - then added a 20mm Thick Spacer Block. 

This Positions the awning correctly on the tent, while also spacing it out to avoid striking the lip of the tent.  

The Spacer blocks can be purchased here - 'Spacer Blocks'

How to install an Ostrich wing awning 


Modifications to any manufacturers design usually void their warranty. 

Care should be taken to minimise extreme vibration and high-speed impacts on all vehicles touring with larger roof loads. Excessive speed and impacts can cause shearing of roof bolts - and or damage to the roof rails on Racks - Ensure you do the job properly, Drive to the conditions and regularly check your installation for security and wear...

Quick Pitch rear awning mount.jpg
Quick pitch awning mount.jpg