Installation of Eezi Awn Roof top tents

There are 3 types of installations broadly applying to Eezi Awn Hard Shell tent to vehicle applications. 

They are:

  1. Tent to roof-rack (Bolts Slide in North South Rails and can be then through bolted into your rack or roof rack cross bars)

  2. Tent to canopy (Bolts slide in North South on tracks under tent,  then through bolted into your canopy) 

  3. Tent Bolted via Nutserts directly to Tough Touring roof rails or Tough Touring Roof rails Adapter plate if already running
    (Front Runner, Rhino backbone, ARB etc roof rails)

Its true to say that some vehicles suit some tents far more than others.


 The Stealth Installation can be very simple using its included fitting hardware, however some mods like installing it directly to roof rails can lower the tent and further reduce height and wind noise. Look through the kits above that we have designed for this tent. The results are incredible and take this tent to new levels .


Eezi-Awn Rooftop Tents:

Stealth, Dart, Blade series

Heading 3

The Video above shows our wind noise testing before arriving at our decision to manufacture a roof rail adapting plate system to avoid having to use 'east west' roof rack crossbars with the eezi Awn tents. 

Eezi Awn Stealth To 3 Roof bars Installation video coming soon - Pic above shows it installed on GU Patrol using ARB rack feet and 4 cross bars. (Using Tough Touring 3 bar rack kit )

Eezi Awn Stealth to Existing Roof Rails Installation video coming soon - Picture Above is Eezi awn BLade to Rhino Back bone using Tough Touring Adapter plates. (Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max)


Eezi Awn Stealth to Canopy Installation video coming soon

More installation videos coming soon.

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