Installation of The Bush Company Hard Shell Tents


There are 4 types of installations broadly applying to The Bush Co Hard Shell tent to vehicle applications. 

They are:

  1. Tent to Roof Rack
    (New North South rails underneath tent allow clamp on fitment to 3 roof bars , no drilling required)

  2. Tent to Canopy
    (North South M8 Slotted  spacing rails underneath tent - must drill matching  holes into the canopy and lower tent on, or install a 'Z' bracket by Bush Co - then lower tent on)

  3. Tent to Roof Rails
    Bolt tent directly to roof rails via Tough roof rail Touring Adapter plate
    (Front Runner, Rhino backbone - ARB roof rails are supported for Bush Co Models running EAST WEST Support Rails, Some Vehicles also supported running North South Rails Please call us to confirm the vehicles we have tested). At time of Writing Discovery 3 and 4 on Front runner roof rails is possible with our Adapter plates. Low and Neat, NO WIND NOISE !

  4. Tent to gutters installation
    Bolt tent to rack feet, lower tent and feet directly onto the gutters of your vehicle - no need for a roof rack. See Vehicles fitted page for your vehicle for details on which feet suit which vehicle.


These videos beside outline some of our experiences on the diiferent Bush Company Tent Installations - and hopefully by watching the ones pertaining to your vehicles mounting type - you can learn some tips to hopefully help you understand what equipment you will need.


Note that The Bush Company'tents do require some pre-Installation preparation. The tents do not have their gas struts pre-fitted on landing in Australia. Fitting these is possible without too much experience but watch the video here as it outlines the way to do it without driving yourself crazy or damaging the tent or yourself!

Slotted Rails underneath The Bush Company tents are Now running NORTH SOUTH - They accept M8 Bolts. (The Videos were filmed before the North South Rails were released just recently Late Feb 2021). Most fitting methods remain very similar.

The Bush Company Alpha and Delta istallation:
The Bush Company tents require pre-installation of their Gas struts … See how to do it below:
Bush Company tent to gutter Installation:

"Fit your tent low to get a great looking set up - it will also reduce wind noise and body roll. Check out our Tough Touring Fitting kits for this checking out what you can do via our Vehicles fitted pages" (Specific to your vehicle)

Video Information on a Bush Company tent to Tough Touring Roof Rail adapter plate (Roof rail installation - Pictured right on Landcruiser Prado 150) is coming soon -
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