Trade Awning to Rack  Kits

A large 12 piece kit that will create the square/ secure vertical mounting position on any customers rack that walks in the door. The kit is made to accommodate the customer turning up for install right away. No need to keep multiple bracket kits,  4 or 5 of the 12 included components fit together to do the job right. Re-order just the parts you've used and minimise having stock on shelves. For more information on the kits see below...

An awning bracket kit put together for professional vehicle fitters - It contains combinations of both of the above fitting kits, along with reversed mirror copies of the above kits to allow for 'up' mounts and 'Down' mounts of the awnings in respect to very high or very low vehicles. 


All parts on hand can be replaced individually to minimise holding large quantities of variations of our kits on the shelf. Just keep this kit full and you can fit pretty much any pole less awning to any rack! 


The Kit contains: 

  • 2 x Large front or rear Triangulation plates,

  • 1 folded up 1 folded for down mount

  • 2 x Small front or Rear  Triangulation plates,

  • 1 folded up 1 folded for down mount

  • 2 x Hook Brackets - One for side mount, one for under mount (Front runner needs under mount) 

  • 2 x Basket rack top fold brackets - picks up the top basket rail (up to 30mm offset) joining it into the corner support. 

  • 2 x Flat front mount plates - for the front end of poleless awnings only.

  • Can be handy when nothing else fits 2 x Logo Plates - (Thanks for advertising for us!!)

Trade Awning to Rack Kit
No Bolts or fastening hardware is included in this kit. 
Price: $390 + Shipping