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Awning to Trade Pipe bar Rack  Kits

Tough Touring Manufactures strong bracket systems to allow fitment of Heavy Duty Pole less wing awnings to almost any roof rack made from Pipe bar of any diameter.
This Kit is similar to our standard Pipe bar rack kits, however takes advantage of the Trade sides for an even easier installation. 

Our Rack brackets  are specifically designed to be mountable using Nutserts / Rivnuts . 

We fit them to: 

  • Pipe bar / roll bars and cages

  • Flat / touring / platform racks

  • Coffee carts, vertical trailer bars

These Brackets are mounted by placing them on the rear corner of your rack where your awning will hinge, marking out as many fixing points as possible, then drilling and inserting Nutsert fixings into the rack to bolt the Brackets on to... Se the little video by Kingcrome on this page for an idea on whats required to use a Nutsert tool if you havn't before.. 

  • Any Tradesman sided Pipe bar rack of almost any diameter pipe.

  • Any Rack made of Steel or Aluminium - or steel in Pipe bar...  

Awning Trade Sided Pipe bar  Rack Kit


Fitting this type of bracket set requires use of a Nutsert Tool, these can be purchased for around $50 at most hardware stores. (Bunnings has this one in the video for sale in their tool shop area). To see how to use these tools, watch the video above. 

How to insert the captive nut is shown from 1:57 in the video... (The first bit is all about changing the tools jig sizes)...

Our Kit comes with the required Nutserts and bolts, the tools you buy (Like the one above) are usually already set up with M8 Bolt thread - ready to go - 

If you have a Rhino Pioneer, Front runner Slimline 2 or ARB base rack - We now have 'BOLT UP' kits for these racks - more info here 

Trade rack bracket set.jpg
ARB Basket rack fitted with Tough Touring Awning to Rack bracket FRONT s.jpg

This Bracket set requires Drilling into your existing rack for fitting. It is used predominantly for racks that have no other bolt on options available, such as Pipe bar racks such as  OCam , Kings Flat touring racks and  Canopy Pipe bar constructed racks .These Brackets can be fitted to both Steel and Aluminium Pipe bar racks.

Positioning of hook on Rhino rack to Bush Co xt awning.jpg
Rear Tough Touring to Rhino Tradesman Rack fit up.jpg
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