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Dual Cab Tub Utes - Chev Silverado

Setting Up for Touring in a Dual Cab Tub Ute

While Many Dual cab owners immediatly do away with the tub / opting for a Tray/Canopy - Its an Expensive step that is largely un-necessary for Touring / Leisure Vehicle set ups.

Dual Cab Utes are the most challenging and expensive vehicles to add Roof Racks, Roof Top tents and Awnings too - as their 'articulating' Front and rear  (cab and Ute tub) requires seperation at all times. This means two roof racks, Flexing Awning bracket mounts and complex flexing support for anything 'bridging' the articulating cab/chassis body - (Especially in the case of Roof top tents)


Tough Touring designed Over Cab Roof Racks for for Dual Cab Vehicles 


Tough Touring Heavy Duty Dual Cab Over Cab Roof Racks move the Tent forward, allowing walk up access to the tent from the rear tray , as well as balancing the vehicles load and body roll - The use of Tough Touring Over Cab Roof racks for the installation of roof top tents on Dual cab Utes provides a 1750mm 'footprint' for a solid RTT install... 

Preventing Tub and Tray Bridging issues.

Renewable Power and Dual Battery Systems in Dual Cab Utes

Tough Touring Builds Slide in - Renewable Power Stations (RPS) to power all your 12 Volt Fridges, Lights, and Compressorts right up to powering  caravans and Camper Trailers with Australian Compliant 240Volt 15Amp Shorepower. 
Using your vehicle as a Generator. 

We've gone down the path of building the DC DC chargers, Solar Regulators and LifePo4 Batteries into removable cases for multi purpose use - and to allow rapid and hassle free installation and movement between vehicles . 
More on these here -'  Portable Power '

RPS in Canopy 2.jpg
Silverado wa;l up.jpg

Load Bearing Tents like the Tuff Trek Mk3 run as Dual Purpose - Roof racks - as well as Roof top tents, saving space and weight while providing multi purpose use.

Dual Cab Ute.jpg
RPS installed in Canopy.jpg
Stage 2 Tough Touring Roof top tent mounting rack with Bundutop Tent and Ostrich wing awni
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