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Mark's Camp King hardshell rooftop tent review

We no longer stock these tents locally,   At present Camp King Industries deals with customers direct.

Camp King is Aussie Built Quality. Its workmanship and quality of finish is excellent. The tent is enormous and features a midge-proof mesh as standard. The interior roof space is close to 180cm – It features 4 rigid poles in its awning set up - giving it very good performance in medium wind, extreme heat and rainy conditions.

Toyota 100 series having camp king and Ostrich awning fitted.jpeg
Tough Touring Manufactures Vehicle specific Low mount roof racks to allow fitment of this tent directly to most popular 4wd Wagons and Dual Cab utes. For specific information on fitting this tent to your vehicle - go to our 'Your vehicle set up' page here
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Camp King Rooftop Tent
1450mm x 2400mm x 300mm
Pricing information via Camp King Industries.
(Subject to availability)

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The Tough Touring Reccommends Installing this Tent using our Specialist 'Tent to vehicle racks'  on Dual Cab Utes and 4wd Wagons for the best results.

Tough Touring makes specialist racks to fit the bush company tent to most poplular makes of 4wd vehicles. 


 *Lowest in the Market

Strongest Roof top tent mountin rack to match the Camp King Tents footprint 

* The Camp King Tents are removable from the Tough Touring rack by undoing just 6 bolts from beside the vehicle - leaving a functioning flat platform rack when tent is off.

* The Tough Touring rack weighs in at between 26 and 34kgs depending on your vehicle.

* The Tough Touring rack positions your Pole less awning in the correct spot on your vehicle to minimise rain ingress into the back of wagons, as well as eliminating fouling on wind deflectors .

* The Tough Touring racks have been designed to sit in the exact position to minimise wind noise.

* The Tough Touring Racks position your Camp King tent in the right place on your truck to maintain the best posible handline and vehicle balance. 

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I have listed my thoughts on the pros and cons of Camp King tents to help you 'narrow down' the tents that are going to be the right blend to suit your particular circumstance and needs.