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For the truly Adventurous - Light weight, Clearance, and Departure angles become increasingly important.

" The Uev-310 Weighs in at only 600kg and is priced at under $23 grand..."

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HARD SHELL ROOF TOP TENTS Presently we usually have on display (Click to follow link to some basic pros and cons on each) :

The Bush Co Black Series

* Camp King

* Bundutec Bundutop King and Standard

* Eezi Awn Stealth

* Eezi Awn Blade

* Moremi Extreme Lite

Bundutop 1350 Delux Roof Top Tent

We have found that incorporating as many of the touring necessities into the tent - Using laser cut brackets - gives you back the vehicles interior for increased passenger space and improved storage.This Bundutop pictured is fitted with 300W solar panel, it is also fitted with an Ostrich 270 Degree wing awning, It carries Trad Recovery tracks also on the rear. The Bundudop is quite unique as a touring tent, in that its internal storage when closed is HUGE. Even a 30 Second Oz Tent can be stored inside whilst the tent is closed.

Bush Company Black Series Clam Shell Roof top tent
Camp King Tent below fitted to Julians sweet 200 series. Note that Julians truck has a Kaymar rear bar, and the camp king outriggers were not required. Guy ropes run to the open swing away carriers and provide the necessary triangulation to set up the awning.

For More information on individual Tent appraisales - Go to the menu bar - we test many of the leading brands. If we like them, we stock and fit them. Presently were fitting Bundutec Bundutop, The Bush Company Black series, Camp King Roof top tent (aussie made !) and occassionally a few others too... There is detail on our You tube channel or our Modifications, brackets, fittings and installation help should you wish to learn more... Click here -

and fitting of these tents to various vehicles / 4wd and trailers - Please go to our Accessories Page - Accessories include Bike Racks, storage solutions, Air Suspension kits, Diesel Heating and Hot water, Awning upgrades, Electric opening tent conversions and much more.

At time of writing this page, the recognised leaders of Hard Shell Roof top tent manufacturing suited to Off road touring in Australia are in our opinion:

Bundutec -
The Bush Company -
Camp King -
Eezi Awn Blade and Stealth -
James Baroud -
Eezi Awn -

There are many more manufacturers (If I've missed you PM me - - making great products... We've just chosen these brands above as all of them are a market leader in one area or another.

The best tent is definatly the one most suited to your requirements - and all of the above have pro's and cons that may or may not suit your circumstance. 


UEV 310 - Above is perhaps our favorite budget touring trailer - the conqueror UEV 310. It weighs in at just 450Kgs empty, and can be accessorised to your spec. STarting price on bare trailer is under $21K - As shown with Electric roof tent, Roof Cage and custom awnings etc this little ripper still only weighs in at 600 kgs and sets up in under 45 seconds.    
  Watch out for 'Cheap' Roof top tents. They have their place for sure in the weekend use category, however if the purpose for buying one is cheiefly because "its cheap" - You'll be dissapointed longer term. Because they are not when you try to combine them with outher necessary touring accessories down the track. Sadly most manufacturers concentrate on making the one product, and incorporating the full set up to work well together and keep down cost and weight is not typically considered by the budget manufacturer.    





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