The Bush Company

The Bush Company Alpha rooftop tent

The Bush Company builds load-bearing clam shell roof-top tents of very high quality. The Black series, Alpha and Delta being their most popular models. 

The Bush Company tents all feature unique  rail support built into the base of the tent, In some cases negating the need for a roof rack - giving the tents a low profile and immense roof load-carrying ability.

The Bush Co Alpha and Delta are an unrivalled option for any vehicle needing to carry heavy or dirty gear on the roof. (Firewood, Bikes, Spare Tyres, Tools etc) - They will operate as a rack when required and offer excellent accommodation as well. 


Who is suited to the Alpha and Delta - The Bush Co tents are ideal for:

* Touring families with Wagon type 4wd that need to carry touring tents, bikes, swags, firewood  on top of the tent - Get there without your passengers nursing a chain saw on the way! Winner...

* Clam shell design is unique in the market  in that the flared aut awnings do offer some protection from rainfall on side windows - increasing airflow in hot humid climates, additional power outlets internally make adding quality fans like the sirrocco Ceframo 2 a simple installation. 

*Tradesmen / tradeswomen that use their work vehicle also as their touring vehicle can load timber / ladders etc onto The Bush Co tents during the week and use the tent essentially as a rack while at work. 

* The Breakers ...The tents are pretty much the strongest in the market. If you know already that you break everything - This could be the tent for you because it can take a beating and keep performing. All Canvas is velcro attached, (So removable and replaceable) accessories bolt up to rails, change gear easily. Very well designed for multi purpose use. 

Newer models of the Alpha has seen further quality refinements and we are really impressed overall with the quality of finish and canvas work in these tents. So if quality of finish vs Price is your thing - these tents offer great quality at a surprisingly low price.  Stock landing in Victoria is in lower volumes than some of the competition - making these a difficult tent to get hold of in a hurry. Plan ahead if you want one. Very Popular with 4 up Touring in wagons. Throw a touring tent, and some firewood, chainsaw on the roof no worries! Job done.

New Bush Company hardshell rooftop tent

The Bush Company Black Series: 


Length: External 2.25m / internal
(mattress length): 2.15m

Width: External 1.4m (1.48m inc. gas struts)
internal (mattress width): 1.3 m

Height (exterior, closed): 25cm
inc. roof rails and base extrusions

Height (exterior, open): 1.36m

Height (interior, open): 1.32m

Weight: Approx 90kg (exc. telescopic ladder)

Priced at $4500

The Bush Company Alpha Series:


Length: External 2.25m / internal (mattress): 2.15m x 7cm
Width: External 1.4m (1.48m inc. gas struts)
internal (mattress): 1.3 m
Height (exterior, closed): 27cm inc. roof rails and base extrusions
Max Height (exterior, open): 1.72m
Max Height (interior, open): 1.65m
Weight: Weighed here at a very impressive 88kg mattress included (exc. telescopic ladder)

Priced at $5495

Land Rover Discovery 2 with Bush company

Access Installation information here for The Bush Company tents.

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Download PDF of my pros and cons of The Bush Company's tents to help you 'narrow down' the tents that are going to be the right blend to suit your requirements.