For the truly Adventurous - Weight of accessories and how fast you can get them up and down start to get really really important.

Its not rocket science - if stuff is hard to use - it just doesn't get used.

These tents are so quick that comfortable daily stops are no hassle.

(Tent is in the vehicles footprint - very private and secure)

( Excellent in wind and rain ) -

I usually have a few of these in Stock at the Factory in Moorabin. Come and see for yourself. There is one on my car at all times.

Specialist Fitters of Bundutec Hard Shell Electric Roof top tents .

We also manufacture mounting brackets to allow fitment of solar, awnings, max tracks, and other accessories directly to the sides of this tent.

$4990 - Standard Delux, 1350 X 2100 x 300 Weighed here at 74 Kgs including mattress

$5990 Bundu KING - 1600 x 210 x 300

Pre wired for solar

Vertical lift via RV winch - Mechanism is easily repairable and works off strings -


* Push Button set up and pack up.

* Excellent reliability for Electrical. Has Electrical over ride as well as manual over-ride It won’t let you down

* Excellent performance in wind Wind rated to 80kmph. Tested over months of use and steady as a rock with little evident flappying in testing wind and rain. Zero wind noise or flapping up to 20Knots.

*Excellent Solid 2 Piece Ladder with angled flat treads (earlier models had round rungs)

* Huge amount of space inside when closed. Can add Pillow toppers and achieve hotel style luxury

* Excellent 4 sided visibility and security -

*Windows can be set at half way heights allowing 4 sided ventilation -

* Superior privacy with open windows. You can see out but people can’t see in - even with windows open.
* Best performing tent at minimising interior condensation. Un-rivaled air flow.

* Thickest mattress - overall awesome accommodation.

* Huge Flat roof allows fittment of big solar

* Flat square shape allows fittment of accesories - Maxx Tracks, Light bars, Awnings

* Huge storage inside when closed - leave all your stuff in there. Great for travelling kids.

* Order to Delivery for 1 to 4 weeks. Good Supply abailable. in Australia.


* Boxy shape - Also its PRO.

* wiring required to Anderson on vehicle adds to installation outlay

* Can’ t carry racks or items on its roof.

Additional info on our Awning mounting brackets and ladder mount upgrades for this tent are here - -



Bundutop review after 1 year of travel. (independent)