Bundutec Bundutop Rooftop Tents

The Bundutec Bundutop rooftop tent sets the standard in off-road touring comfort and ease of use. It scores a 10 out of 10 in several of our testing criteria and is overall placed top three in the tents we've tested.

Its 4-way ventilating doors/windows and straight-up wall design gives it a major edge over the rest in space versus footprint. 

Internally a 100mm mattress (thickest of all the tents) can be further padded out with pillow toppers up to over 150mm. It's automatically popping outskirt allows airflow to be maintained even in adverse raining conditions without spray or insects entering the tent.

"With Great power comes great responsibility." The Bundutop has a powerful RV winch that lifts the tent via pulleys and strings - Giving set up and pack down at the touch of a button ... Without a doubt, this is the most capable off-road touring tent on the planet. Its comfort and push-button appeal broadens its appeal to newbies and non-campers too.

Its unique mechanics allow repair and replacement of parts anywhere with almost anything  (a piece of string) and whilst electrical failure is unlikely (and it has manual overrides ) you will need some mechanical understanding to successfully use and manage this tent in remote areas.


Bundutop Deluxe Standard

Dimensions: 1350mm x 2100mm x 300mm

Weight: 73kg

Priced at $4990
Mounting/Fixing points = 1234mm wide x 1984mm long

Bundutop Deluxe KING

Dimensions: 1600mm x 2100mm x 300mm

Weight: 84kg

Priced at $5990

Mounting /fixing points = 1484mm wide x 1984 long

For information on mounting this tent to your vehicle - see 'tent to vehicle kits' or go to our 'vehicles fitted' page.

For more information on shipping visit this page.

If your rack does not have fixing points at the above dimensions consult your fitter for options.

Check this out …

We have been quite obsessed with this tent since trialling one about 5 years ago.
(I still own it). Can I fault it? Yes, but can I replace it? NO! The Bundutop tackles strong wind with a totally apparent disrespect. Download the PDF document to view in more detailed information regarding this tent's warranty and maintenance.
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