Ford Ranger / Mazda BT 50 / Tub Canopy

The Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Colorado, Isuzu, Triton and Mazda BT 50 both have generous rear tray space to fit most of the top end hard shell rooftop tents. 

Single-cab trays can easily accommodate even the largest size roof-top tent we install,  While dual-cabs need owners to choose between fitting tents on the cab or over the tray - as vehicle flex requires the cab to remain separate to the canopy or tray.

Aluminium canopies do not usually need additional structural support to run Aluminium Rooftop tents.

Over-cab installations on dual-cabs really are a great idea - the weight of the tent is centred between the wheels - giving the best vehicle balance when climbing and minimising the negative body roll effects of roof weight. You also get the room at the rear of the tent as a bit of a landing, or a space to carry additional touring gear.

All the vehicles mentioned above require steel roof rails to be fitted before an over cab installation. We can supply Front Runner roof rails - ask us about the options.

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