Ford Ranger /Mazda BT 50

Ford Ranger Universal Dual Cab Rack Toug
Ford Ranger Bundutop Tough TOuring Roof

The Ford Ranger, and Mazda BT 50 Dual Cabs both share a 4 bolt factory Over cab rack mount - their roof construction is comparable to all other dual cabs we've seen - In our opinion quite capable of carrying the weight of a roof tent and awning with some upgrades to the factory 4 bolt system... 


We've found that mounting rooftop tents and awnings over the cab to be far preferable to over canopy mounts on this vehicle. Over-cab mounting reduces vehicle body roll while offering 'step up' accommodation into the roof tent - negating the need for taller ladders. Vehicles offroad performance is greatly increased by keeping the weight centred over the vehicle. 

Single-cab trays on these trucks can maximise weight balance with tents overhanging the cab. Most rooftop tents will specify max overhangs of up to 500mm - creating a nice platform at the rear on single cab tray vehicles.   

Aluminium canopies do not usually need additional structural support to run Aluminium rooftop tents. 

Tough Touring now manufactures a specialist 'vehicle to tent' roof rack for Ford Ranger and BT 50.